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tried to copy tables - all users show as deleted

6 years 8 months ago
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I was rebuilding the site (4.2.1) in a subdirectory to remove some old scrips so joocial from can work correctly - when we try to connect to linked in etc, we get logged out of my site and can't authorize, so I decided to start fresh with just jomsocial and joocial

I backed up the live site with akeebabackup,
then installed the copy in a new directory to work with,
then made a new empty site with jomsocial and yootheme template and
used j2xml to export the content and users from the live site
then imported them into the new empty site with just jomsocial already installed on it.
then I copied all the images to the new install directory

and then in phpmyadmin,

I renamed the existing community tables in the new database with a new prefix,

I copied the community tables (from the live site backup) to the new database and renamed them to the new prefix

that resulted in all the wall content and avatars showing on the new site but all members show as "deleted user" and their usernames are their email addresses and their profiles are empty saying there is no user

then - I deleted the (copied and renamed community) tables from the new database
and renamed the original tables to the new prefix

same issue - everything is there in the wall, but all users are called "deleted user" and their profiles are blank and their usernames are their email addresses (not their screen names as chosen)

did I miss a step somewhere or make a mistake? or is this just not a workable plan?

what I'm trying to do is get a clean installation with all the other older scripts removed so my jomsocial members can post to twitter, linked in and fb with joocial

you can see it at

thank you for any help or advice at all

6 years 8 months ago
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Some of user records on this table "mbkin_users" are missing, please you make sure import that table correctly.

thank you!

6 years 8 months ago
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did a full redo and exported from the live site db and imported into the test database and it's all working great.

thanks for the point in the right direction.

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