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JoomlArt, JomSocial and iJoomla Merger - Things to know...

9 months 3 weeks ago

Hi Guys,

As of 1st May 2017, JomSocial and iJoomla are part of I am sure everyone would be having apprehensions about this major acquisition. Let me try to summarize what this means to you.

  1. It is a complete acquisition, with all team members and resources so that development is not hampered.
  2. Read what Merav (ex-chief) and Hung (new-chief) Hung (new-chief)have to say about this merger.
  3. Number of support domains increased from 1 to 5.
  4. Forums are restarted and would be the main place for technical support
  5. Use "Require help from Admin/Mod option" when creating new thread to submit private login info for faster technical support.

This post will be updated as we implement changes. Do check back again later for more updates.

Have questions, suggestions ? Please feel free to reply here.

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6 days 15 hours ago
JomSocial Active GURU Active Publisher Active AdAgency Active iSEO Active Socialize Active

That's great... so when do you put something out that actually works? So tired of chasing my tail with your stuff that doesn't work...
I have yet to install jomsocial with the socialize template i bought 4 months ago. It has been installed every which way it can be... ijoomla installer. stand alone, nothing... it's one bug after another with you guys and quite frankly i am tired of trying to get your stuff to work. Nothing but gliches and worthless old documentation with screen shots from several versions ago.

It works so long as I don't do anything fancy like load a t3 template... but you can't edit the user regardless of what we set to anything.

Also somebody needs to pull that Sinisa Krisan to the side and explain how his arrogance costs the company money. Still can't post in the forum and I keep installing rocket templates and easy social. So far I have spent over $88,000 on other licenses and have instructed all project managers to remove any Joomlart or Jomsocial installs. We are done with you folks. Stick a fork in and goodbye!

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