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New Advertiser Account Causes User's Password To Fail

3 years 6 days ago
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JomSocial Active AdAgency Expired iSEO Expired Socialize Expired

Description: When an Advertising Account is created for a user via the frontend, then the user's password for accessing the site becomes malfunctional. Resulting in a login failure and requiring a password reset.

(1) UserY , a JomSocial user, creates an Ad Agency Advertiser Account on the frontend.
(2) UserY logs out of JomSocial.
(3) UserY attempts to login to JomSocial, but login fails.
(4) UserY's password must be reset via the User Manager on the backend of JomSocial to be able to login to JomSocial.

3 years 18 hours ago

Hello David,

I saw you have more AdAgency tickets, please submit one ticket to the support team, they will be able to help you.
with your website details.

Thank you,

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