byMikyMouse, September 30, 2013
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SocialBoards for JomSocial
I wasn't really looking for something new to add to my site but once I saw how it works, this is a great product. It brings together JomSocial and SocialBoards, a sort of Pinterest clone for Joomla, perfectly adding a dimension to JomSocial. I decided to try it since it has been created by the Tigracon team and I have nothing but good experience with their products and support.
byMikyMouse, September 12, 2013
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I was sceptical at first but the characteristic that allows it to work with and separate form JomSocial Gallery won me over. I'm not mentioning it's other features since they have been beautifully described in the other reviews.
Owner's reply


byMikyMouse, September 12, 2013
Tigra for JomSocial 3.2.1
I have found Tigra on this site and Joomla and have gone through the reviews and they helped a lot, so I'm writing a piece of my mind here. Tigra does exactly what it says and is easy to use, great design possibilities and customer service that helped me not only install it but helped me work out other problems I had with certain plug ins not related to Tigra. They were prompt. They do have this rule with customer service, during the period of new releases the support gets slower but I found it worth the wait. for me they line up with the best supporting JomSocial components and I love JomSocial. My firm has been using it for some time now in our work and wouldn't go without it and adding Tigra to it makes it that better. Thank you.

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