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Great fun and a useful addition
I must admit before I purchased this socialboard I wasn't sure how I'd take to it.

I will personally vouch that its amazing and it will take your jomsocial to another level. I still think that although Jomsocial is great its not so intuitive as it could be. Socialboard I think in the short space of using it has bridged this gap very well. Infact just go to their site and play with it and you will see this is something different from the other addon offerings. Customer services is impeccable too. Like an idiot I bought the wrong package and within one hour they changed it no hassle with added bonus. I will look forward to other stuff from this team or person? respect is due

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Great product
I wasn't really looking for something new to add to my site but once I saw how it works, this is a great product. It brings together JomSocial and SocialBoards, a sort of Pinterest clone for Joomla, perfectly adding a dimension to JomSocial. I decided to try it since it has been created by the Tigracon team and I have nothing but good experience with their products and support.

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So baad
Whats that? Very worse design and layout. Please customize this template a little bit more, before you sell shit!!!!!
Owner's reply

First of all - this is suppose to be a review for people who own SocialBoards - which is obviously not the case here.

Second - SocialBoards is an application for YooTheme ZOO component - so your remarks for "customize this template" are way off, as again, it is simply not a template.

If however you are referring to the actual joomla template, it is purposely left blank. The whole point is that the socialboards can fit pretty much any template.

We understand reviews with good improvement pointers, but this is just a malicious trashing with no foundation what so ever.

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