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This product is not integrated with JomSocial in any way
The created of this product has created a thin Joomla Shell around a very functional GNL license product. And while AlaxChat for Joomla is minimally integrated with Joomla, it is not integrated with JomSocial at all.

As many or not of us do not use Joomla menus in lieu of the JomSocial toolbar, this product cannot act as a task out-of-the box under a JomSocial tab. I still have not figured out how to get this to work, nor does their product support have any idea.

I feel ripped off. AjaxChat is great chat software (free) and the $44 you pay for Joomla integration does not give you much. When I contacted support about the integration (or lack of) with JomSocial they blamed JomSocial for not allowing them access to JomSocial code. Note, they did not offer me a refund even though they are falsely advertising this product as being integrated with JomSocial.
Owner's reply

Hello and thank you for your comment

Keep in mind that we do not false advertising but there is simply a misunderstood.

We have never indicated that our product is integrated with JomSocial but it is compatible with JomSocial. they are two completely different things

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