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Goran Discussion started by Goran 6 years ago
JomSocial has come a long way in the past few years, but one thing is still not available. I think it is time for JomSocial to get menu IDs so we dont have to use third party software like Advanced Module Manager to display modules where we want on JomSocial related pages.

For those who dont know what I am talking about, here are the things which are affected by not having menu IDs system which Joomla uses.

1. In urls for example Members page url looks like www.example.com/search/browse no matter what you put in alias it will not be respected. So it will be SEO ugly and if you are not English native speaker this is definitely ugly.

2. If you want to insert different joomla modules on JomSocial pages you cant! You have to use third party software like Advanced Module Manager to place different modules on different JomSocial pages.

3. Also here is one more problem not having menu IDs, when you want to insert custom meta tags for for example facebook open graph you will have issues because 90% of plugins have issues assigning meta because there is no IDs.

So support this suggestion it will be game changing for JomSocial.
Siniša Krišan
Siniša Krišan Removed 6 years ago
U.M. Have finally solved this issue using SH404SEF, the urls are clean and i've forgotten urls with question marks and slashes.
The only section uncovered is the "Events" but everything else is way much better.
You may check my site Sinisa and Goran, and let me know what you think.

Jomsocial is awesome Sinisa, i was able to find only two feature missing, rest is just wonderful you are a super genius...
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6 years ago
SleepyMan I agree. Hope in future links can be shortie too (as default). 6 years ago

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