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Xristoph Conrad Discussion started by Xristoph Conrad 5 years ago

Does anyone have any communities utilizing JomSocial, AlphaUserPoints, K2,  and Kunena? I'd love to know if / how you integrate all of the user profiles. Theoretically you can assign which profile to use in each respective plug-in or component, but doing so means losing certain features from each.

For example, if you tell Kunena to use the JomSocial profile, you lost the "My Topics", "My Attachments" and "My Points" from the default Kunena profile.

Alan I have previously used Kunena and it integrated very well. I tried out Alphauserpoints however it really slowed everything down and many of the features with points are already, or going to be in Jomsocial. Achievements are added in 4.0 I believe. Less components the better I have found, you can often achieve what you want to do with less if you search around and make some customisations yourself 5 years ago

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