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dont waste your money on this template, if your website is up and running and you get to install this template your site will not get back online and when you try to enter the backend of joomla will give an error because some plugins destroys your access to administrative area of joomla, and if you install the quickstart will never be the same as they have in the demo site, various menus dont open the submenus and some jomsocial modules like latest members are not displayed on the front page, I buy it and never worked, I contacted the support and I had to give them access to my webhosting and even they could not set properly the tamplate, simply dont work, later i asked them for my money back but they refused to return it and I had to make a claim to paypal for my money back, THOSE TEMPLATES ARE tHE WORST AND THE SUPPORT SUCKS!!!

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no email.
no link.
no download.
no support.
it reacts nobody on my FB entry and email .

money away.
Owner's reply

Sorry for inconvenience..

Our site goes down due to some server issue. So everything down.

We have updated our site link and demo link. Now it's working.


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Template Won't Install
The template won't install. Haven't tried those changes mentioned in the first review yet. Waiting for their support but they are slow to respond. And after subscribing to some of their forum post and receiving emails, some of the post are missing when you log in. Potentially deleting negative posts in forum?

Since template won't install can't yet provide feedback on how it actually works.

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Did you check your package, before you sell it?
Sorry, but when somebody want to install your template, it won't work.

We tried to install it on Joomla 2.5

Firstly you need to change the thumbnail's name from big letters ".JPG" to ".jpg" in the template package. After the install will work, but when you want to activate it, the front page will disappear.

Afterthat you need to delete this line "require_once($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/'.$this->baseurl.'/libraries/legacy/module/helper.php'); " from the /public_html/templates/joombuddy/php/variables.php file. You will find it on line 12.

Please check and repair it, because until this your client won't be too happy to plus work.
Owner's reply


We have solved both issue in our package,initially when we launched it was in beta version and thanks for using our template. You can check our updated version.


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Not pleased!
Too bad they can't get this right b/c if somebody did this template right, it woudl be VERY popular./

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Buy At Your Own Risk
Not good at returning emails, no support. I had a bad experience and I will never buy from this company again.
Owner's reply

We didnt get your messages, kindly email on [email protected] , we are ready to help you and solve your issue.

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