byzenehobbit, November 28, 2013
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Joombuddy – Responsive Jomsocial theme
Sorry, but when somebody want to install your template, it won't work.

We tried to install it on Joomla 2.5

Firstly you need to change the thumbnail's name from big letters ".JPG" to ".jpg" in the template package. After the install will work, but when you want to activate it, the front page will disappear.

Afterthat you need to delete this line "require_once($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/'.$this->baseurl.'/libraries/legacy/module/helper.php'); " from the /public_html/templates/joombuddy/php/variables.php file. You will find it on line 12.

Please check and repair it, because until this your client won't be too happy to plus work.
Owner's reply


We have solved both issue in our package,initially when we launched it was in beta version and thanks for using our template. You can check our updated version.

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