bythe.ronin, August 23, 2013
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Profile Completeness for JomSocial
The screenshots (which are inconsistent between the JomSocial addon page and the publisher's page) look nothing like the actual app. The app itself is so spartan, it doesn't even have a module suffix field. Nevermind the polish that is implied by the screenshots. No response to question regarding the module suffix field. But plenty of references in the support forums for "immediate support for paid subscribers". Look, if you're going to put out a "free" app, don't make it so obvious that you are only doing so to get people to give you money. You are wasting our time and most definitely ruined any credibility you have even with your "paid" apps.

tl;dr - PASS ON THIS.
bythe.ronin, August 21, 2013
And by that, I mean the folks at Source Coast are absolutely incredible. Is the app itself perfect? Of course not. But it's pretty darn close. Add to this the ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE support, then you are even closer. The app itself is fairly straightforward to install at least given all that it has to do. The documentation is TOP NOTCH. It even goes on to provide great advice in areas that could be considered outside its scope (e.g., obtaining SSL cert, tips on FB app application, etc). I have a lot of experience building (more like hacking) online communities but its been 21 days to the day that I installed my first Joomla build. I now have a full-fledged social network running live. It wasn't easy but it sure was heck made less painful by the great people at Source Coast. As a zero-budget hobbyist, I'd hate to say that this app is worth a lot more than what they charge, but I might have to admit that in this case particularly with the level and style (read: bedside manners) of support they provide. Thank you Source Coast and Alex (a.k.a. support guy extraordinaire)!

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