byshowpresence, February 6, 2013
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The folks over at JReviews are a shining example of what every developer should be - just fantastic. Their product is amazing, updates are regular and stable, and customer service is timely and helpful. I run a lot of content through this, and it has really invigorated my large social user base to get engaged in content creation.
byshowpresence, December 7, 2011
Knu JS Toolbar Everywhere!
This definitely makes it easier to show the JomSocial toolbar in unrelated components! However - it is missing a few htings. One, it leaves out any third party plugins, such as AlphaUserPoints, that show in the toolbar when in JomSocial. Two, it does not have a parameter for module suffix, so it will pick up the default styling and may look really crappy if have something like a border on your default. I have a transparent module style for this purpose, and am not able to use it.

Good start! I hope it gets updated to include these two items - at the very least the module styling.
Owner's reply

Hi showpresence,
thank you for your review.
For module class suffix I have build a updated version of the module aviable for download on my site. For the first item is the only solution to create the menue items yourself in joomla menue => jomsocial toolbar.
On my site I do not use any menue created plugins, I build every menue item by myself.

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