Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.



  • Fixed the issue where event deletion leads to a blank backend record
  • Escape Event description on the backend
  • Improved rule scanning
  • Allowed a maximum of 3 scrolls per click on Groups, Events and Member's featured scroller
  • Make reset notification button more intuitive
  • Fixed the issue where editing Jomsocial template can't be saved in Joomla 3

Application / Modules

  • Removed checking for Joomla! 1.5
  • Updated text to category instead of section in myarticle setting
  • Fixed the delete link bug in mod_activitystream module
  • Fixed the warning error "FB.init has already been called" in hellome module
  • Fixed the issue where statuses still sent to Twitter even though the Twitter plugin has already been removed
  • Update the Facebook Like Plugin for Joomla 2.5 compatibility
  • Improve modules to use $db->quoteName, support for Joomla! 3.0

Facebook / Amazon S3

  • Fixed the issue where Facebook import the same status over and over
  • Remove Facebook invite's configuration


  • Fixed the issue on front end notification & email preference saving
  • Update to use imageareaselect.min instead of imageareaselect.pack
  • Fixed the issue where editing thumbnail doen't work in IE 9
  • Fixed the custom profile email bug
  • Fixed the issue where multiple select field returns
    on profile output
  • Improved the 'remove' button on friend's request
  • Improved the friend request's notification
  • Fixed the missing ban admin control
  • Fixed issues where cropping avatars fails in bubble template
  • Improved user account detail's layout
  • Updated the language string on avatar upload
  • Improved Custom Profile Field URL's validation


  • Improved the form's date picker display
  • [New feature] Allow Event Description update for Past Events
  • [New feature] Add km/miles option on backend + frontend
  • Fixed the issue where event creator can't add event administrators
  • Fixed older JomSocial event record bug


  • Fixed the issue in easyblog toolbar after upgrading to 2.8
  • Disable format=feed
  • Recompressed js file
  • Fixed friendlist update bug
  • Improved URL linking
  • Improved popup login condition


  • Fixed the untranslated string issues when user uploaded a photo
  • Cleaning up the code
  • Fix the issue where regular HTML4 uploader does not work in IE
  • Fixed the issue where all images from latest photo box point to album cover
  • Prevent Javascript to recreate the same file upload input type


  • Display the content when editing a discussion
  • Extra Events On group page sidebar
  • Add "Set as group admin" option in group members listing.


  • [Performance] 'most discussed' video listing creates excessive query
  • Fixed the cron undeclared class error on convertVideo
  • Fixed strict standard on Zencoder
  • Improved support for Vimeo videos


  • Undefined HTML tag


  • Hardcoded language in activity stream
  • Featured video can't open from activity stream
  • Unknown class CFieldsSingleselect for field singleselect && translation string missing
  • Fixed the xx New Message translation
  • Fixed the multiple photo stream post bug
  • Disabled new activity stream on apps install
  • Fixed grabbing non-existant func paramater on activitiesCommentAdd()
  • Improve activities syntax
  • Remove GroupDiscussion reply Comment link on activity stream

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