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A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.


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Activity Stream

  • Bug 5427: Map for group public event not visible
  • Enhancement 5438: Allow like and comment on album wall post in stream
  • Enhancement 5439: Add hierarchical hint on backend menu item selection


  • Bug 5421: $user->getInfo did not return correct value


  • Bug 5418: JomComment plugin crash due to missing $db object


  • Bug 5412 Saving Super admin invalid compulsory details kills backend
  • Bug 5436 Registration link missing in Joomla! 1.6 new menu item setup


  • Bug 5433 Create event limit not working


  • Bug 5405 Icons missing in bubble template
  • Bug 5441 Selecting "Newest" video show up debugging code
  • Security 5453 Possible SQL injection via ajax call in frontpage 'popular members' filter


  • Bug 5416 Assigned group admins have limited privilege in Groups
  • Bug 5457 Discussion creator will get 2 notification email if he also write a reply in his discussion
  • Bug 5458 Syntax error in 'member.join' email template
  • Enhancement 5417 When adding a new video, category drop down should have a hint of category structure
  • Bug 5469 Limit display of group members


  • Bug 5448 Not searchable group of field still show up
  • Enhancement  5422 Add tooltip to logout button
  • Security 5451 Prevent directory traversal in ajax calls
  • Security 5452 Prevent security issues related to Google Ads


  • Bug 5419 Link to "feature" an album is missing
  • Bug 5435 Featuring an album removes it from 'My Photos' list
  • Bug 5443 Deleting latest image in an album will also remove the album avatar
  • Feature 5431 Add thumbnail hint when sharing photo page with facebook 
  • Feature 5432 Add thumbnail hint when sharing photo album page with facebook


  • Bug 5449 Remove stream filtering option in blueface and blackout template so it follow new integrated steam layout
  • Bug 5450 Use default site's db collation instead of hard-coding it in our installer
  • Enhancement 5414 Improved stability in Avatar cropping
  • Feature 5430 Add thumbnail hint when sharing profile page with facebook


  • Bug 5445 Account activation URL is wrong when Joomla! is installed in a subfolder
  • Bug 5446 Custom language string in 'term and condition' title can cause T&C window non to show up
  • Enhancement 5447 Attempting to view registration page while logged in should redirect user to frontpage


  • Bug 5413 Missing Share area in Blackout
  • Bug 5442 Alignment issues with "No featured videos" message
  • Bug 5444 Blueface template change global .button css class
  • Bug 5456 Pagination styling is missing in Joomla! 1.6
  • Enhancement 5423 Display the mini-header even when toolbar is disabled


  • Enhancement 5420 If a video is added via sharebox and does not have any message, insert the default "user added a video..." message

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