Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.



  • BUG: 5012 Tooltips in edit profile page will be disabled when there are no tips for the user.
  • BUG: 4920 Readonly settings from the back end are now respected.
  • BUG: 4936 Default avatar will now show up correctly in the back end.


  • BUG: 4921 Strings in group creation page is now properly translated.
  • BUG: 4931 Strings in group creation page are now properly translated.
  • BUG: 4934 Group info on sidebar for private groups will not show up for non members
  • BUG: 5010 Discussion creator can now delete or remove their own discussion.
  • BUG: 5011 Discussion creator can now lock their topics.


  • BUG: 5019 New event wall post will generate the activity stream correctly.
  • BUG: 5007 Events will now throw a proper error message stating that the user is unable to view a private events guest list.


  • BUG: 4933 Friends privacy are now respected in the friends location application.


  • BUG: 5003 HTML tags are now properly stripped from video comments.


  • BUG: 4932 Added Italian language for recaptcha.
  • BUG: 4977 Tooltips are now shown if activity content is fetched on the fly.
  • BUG: 4981 Removed trailing slash from vanity url.
  • BUG: 4992 Advance search now searches the birthdates correctly.
  • BUG: 5004 After removing a comment, it will be removed automatically.

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