Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.



  • BUG: 4860 Fix issues in bubble template where some profile informations are linked as 'Array' instead of the proper search link.


  • BUG: 4862 When viewing a group video, the video title will now be shown correctly.
  • BUG: 4909 Searching for groups in blackout template will no longer generate errors.


  • BUG: 4873 Removing photo in album view will no longer throw errors in IE8.


  • BUG: 4857 Fixed issues with ZenCoder not being able to recognize file names correctly.
  • BUG: 4869 Added CC NO PROPER VIDEO ID into language file.
  • BUG: 4871 Videos link should now appear correctly in blueface template.

Apps / Modules

  • FEATURE: 4888 Added upcoming events module.
  • BUG: 4890 Walls plugin will no longer show errors if character limit is set.
  • BUG: 4908 Added a new system plugin which will fix token issues when cache is enabled.


  • BUG: 4863 Member list will now sort correctly.


  • BUG: 4887 Users will now be able to list down all past events on past events page.
  • BUG: 4889 Events will now show up when viewing all group events from a private group.
  • BUG: 4899 Pending event invitations will no longer show up once a user already accepts or rejects the invitation.


  • BUG: 4874 Custom message for activity stream generated for admin will always be public, regardless of admin's personal privacy setting.
  • BUG: 4894 Join button will be disabled if user registrations are disabled.
  • BUG: 4895 Added missing header styling for upcoming events on the front page.
  • BUG: 4907 Share this via email will now work correctly for guests.
  • BUG: 4898 Fix blackout template with unnecessary
  • BUG: 4865 Search should filter members without avatar correctly now.
  • BUG: 4892 New registration will now send activation code correctly.
  • BUG: 4903 Meta description will no longer show escaped html tags.
  • BUG: 4910 Facebook connect will now fetch the default avatars from Facebook correctly.

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