Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.



  • BUG: 4813 Pagination for user search will work correctly now.
  • BUG: 4830 Fixed issues when there are no options given in a checkbox custom profile.
  • BUG: 4809 Admin will now receive proper emails for users registering without any profile type.
  • BUG: 4822 System will now automatically redirect user to the result page when switching profile types if there is no custom fields.
  • BUG: 4837 Users using old user alias style will now be able to edit their aliases correctly.
  • BUG: 4839 Fixed site url to show up correctly in registration email.
  • BUG: 4841 Associating user account with Facebook will work correctly now.


  • BUG: 4835 Post created activity will no longer show up after hitting the more link.
  • BUG: 4827 More activity will now show up correctly after switching filters.
  • BUG: 4829 Group and event invitation will load the popup for friends correctly in blueface template now.


  • BUG: 4815 Add group avatar in headers for group discussions and videos so that social networking sites can fetch the group avatar thumbnail.


  • BUG: 4810 Event invitation will now display the friends correctly.
  • BUG: 4812 Events print popup will now respect the javascript compression settings.

Apps / Modules

  • BUG: 4819 Added Kunena plugin into package.


  • BUG: 4843 Fixed flash uploader's upload button not appearing.
  • BUG: 4844 Newly uploaded photos will appear correctly on the frontpage now.
  • BUG: 4821 HTML uploader will now show photo previews correctly on domain names that contains a hyphen (-)

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