Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.

1.8.0 RC1


  • FEATURE: 4160 Redesigned My Applications page that supports drag and drop functionality. Users can now drag and drop applications into their desired positions.
  • FEATURE: 4176 Configuration is no longer shown if there is really nothing to configure.
  • FEATURE: 4077 Once an application is added, it will no longer show the popup but instead show that the application is added.
  • FEATURE: 3775 Application box state is now remembered if it was minimized or shown.
  • BUG: 4252 Wall input box will now expand automatically.


  • FEATURE: 4071 Friends listing has the ability to filter by characters.
  • BUG: 4204 Friend suggestions will now have add as friend link.
  • BUG: 4259 If an invalid value is specified in the back end for frontpage recent members, JomSocial will properly handle the value.
  • BUG: 4013 Own friend list now no longer displays filter


  • FEATURE: 4032 Default website field now uses url type.
  • FEATURE: 4149 Administrator can now configure the character limit for status updates. Default to 200 by default.
  • FEATURE: 4137 User can now set their photos as the profile picture when browsing through their own photos.
  • FEATURE: 4138 When viewing videos, user can now set the video as their profile video provided that they are the owner of the video.
  • FEATURE: 4067 Added custom meta description for profile page. This can be editable from the language file.
  • FEATURE: 4073 Administrator can now upload a new profile picture for any users from the front end.
  • BUG: 4019 Keywords are now reserved and users will not be able to mess up the url if they put certain naming as alias.
  • BUG: 4014 HTML codes are properly stripped from the title now.
  • BUG: 4031 Fix errors generated when changing from a non url field type to a url field type.
  • BUG: 4062 URL field type is now able to show the subfolders correctly.


  • FEATURE: 4029 Group admin and site admin can now edit discussion. Links to edit and delete are now standardized.
  • FEATURE: 4228 Added a group invitation page where user can list all the group invites and respond accordingly.
  • FEATURE: 4006 Group admin and post owner can now edit discussion posts and wall posts.
  • FEATURE: 4068 Added custom meta description for group page. This can be editable from the language file.
  • FEATURE: 4011 Group page now display list of admins on a separate section to differentiate between members and group admins
  • FEATURE: 4089 When a discussion is replied, the creator and repliers of the discussion will now be notified via email
  • FEATURE: 4074 Group member will be notified once they have been approved.
  • FEATURE: 4106 Group administrator can configure to allow or disallow wall post notifications in a group.
  • FEATURE: 4213 Display a proper message when a non group member views a discussion and can't see the wall form.
  • FEATURE: 4224 Site administrators are notified when a new group is created and group moderations are enabled.
  • FEATURE: 4225 Send email notifications to group owner once the group is published.
  • BUG: 4057 Site administrator can now view the create discussion and bulletin in groups they did not join.
  • BUG: 4226 Proper language string for new member joining group notification.
  • BUG: 4016 Group statistics wall count, discussion count and members count will now be recalculated during each save of the group.
  • BUG: 4232 Replying a discussion in the show all view will properly store the reply now.
  • BUG: 4035 If group members are allowed to upload photos, they are not restricted to their own album only.
  • BUG: 4053 When member is approved, the link to approve member is removed correctly now.
  • BUG: 4069 Guests can now view open group discussion and bulletins


  • FEATURE: 4108 Administrator can now configure to delete original photo once it's image is resized.
  • FEATURE: 4150 Photos can now be dragged and drop directly from the album view.
  • FEATURE: 4181 Photos in the activity stream summary will now link to the photo correctly.
  • FEATURE: 4195 myphotos, myvideos, myevents and mygroups will no longer be needed in the SEF URL.
  • FEATURE: 4082 Added enhanced content preview for new photo uploads in activity stream.
  • FEATURE: 4151 Photos can now be deleted from within the album view.
  • BUG: 4139 Removed redundant titles in the edit video popup.
  • BUG: 4183 Added proper breadcrumbs in photo upload page.
  • BUG: 4189 Keyboard navigation support is added to the photo's view
  • BUG: 4269 Fixed video layout in IE7 only rendering one column.
  • BUG: 4098 Clicking the upload link will automatically select the current viewed album if user is viewing album


  • FEATURE: 4144 Use natural language for event attendance in stream.
  • FEATURE: 4197 Event creator will no longer be able to directly edit the creation and end date of an event.
  • FEATURE: 4201 View event URL is now properly SEF.
  • FEATURE: 4220 Added General, Birthday and Party default event categories during installation.
  • FEATURE: 4235 Added event searching and sorting in the back end.
  • FEATURE: 4251 Wall in events can now be commented.
  • FEATURE: 4078 Added new default avatar for events.
  • FEATURE: 4119 Event and site administrator can now send email to all event participants.
  • BUG: 4199 Added new icon sets for list of actions after an event is created.
  • BUG: 4216 Site administrator should be able to post wall messages on any events regardless of the event status.
  • BUG: 4239 Event view is properly checked before being allowed to be accessed.
  • BUG: 4254 Site guests will allowed to view event page but they will need to register first before interacting in the event.
  • BUG: 4255 Administrator can post wall in private events if they are not members of the events.
  • BUG: 4231 If event limit is disabled, limit notice is no longer displayed.


  • FEATURE: 4230 The inbox interval limit no longer applies to the site admin.


  • FEATURE: 4049 Helpers and libraries class names are standardized.
  • FEATURE: 4114 3rd party template providers can now add their own configurations within the template folder itself.
  • FEATURE: 4141 Administrator can now configure to chose 'Show all' or 'Me & Friends' as default activity filter.
  • FEATURE: 4250 If there are no users in the list, display a proper notice.
  • FEATURE: 3989 New alphabetical navigation option in people browser.
  • FEATURE: 4007 The version at the top right area is now showing JomSocial's version.
  • FEATURE: 4018 Users can now search for members with avatar only.
  • FEATURE: 4070 Used internal namespace for JomSocial's jQuery object to avoid any conflicts with 3rd party components, plugins or templates.
  • BUG: 4173 Added more consistent breadcrumbs throughout the community.
  • BUG: 4174 Search result is not displayed until a real search is made.
  • BUG: 4123 Fix XSS vulnerabilities.
  • BUG: 4258 Frontpage feed title should follow the frontpage view title now
  • BUG: 4083 Redirected URLs in Facebook Connect no longer generates the & character.
  • BUG: 4122 Fixed bubble template layout distortion when profile group not multiplied by 3.
  • BUG: 4219 Added 4 new module positions that will only be rendered when user is viewing their own profile.

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