Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.



New Feature Read status for private messages.

  • Seen badge in 1 on 1 conversations.
  • Seen by user in conversations with multiple participants.
  • Seen by everyone switch.

New Feature Gravatar support.

  • Use gravatars when available.
  • Do not interfere with default avatars.

New Feature JomSocial comments and notifications integration.

  • Third-party developer have opportunity to use JomSocial comments and notifications wherever they want.
  • Simple integration with a 3-liner block of code.
  • Two use case plugins with detailed comments and API samples provided for free. (JS Article Comments & JS Article Notifications plugins)

New Feature Make input fields more interactive.

  • Add character counters on the textarea and textbox field when aplicable.
  • Allow "painting" of fields through Pro Features (former Theme Designer)

New Feature Radius Search

  • Miles or kilometers option to fit every need.
  • Add new filters in Advanced Search.
  • New dropdowns in memberlists to support this feature.
  • Display distance from user in profile and memberlist pages.
  • Works with new location field or any other legacy location field as long as it's properly selected in the configuration.

New Feature Pro Features (former Theme Designer)

  • Add more color options to style almost everything in JomSocial template to fit every color scheme.
  • Completely rebuild the User Info functionality.
  • Add options for default images in groups.
  • Add options for default images in events.
  • Add new "Layouts" page to control different layout options.

New Feature Profile fields changes.

  • Completely new location field used as a default location option for new installations.
  • Drag and drop re-ording
  • Inline re-ordering in field settings.
  • Profiletype assignment directly from the field options.
  • Allow required field not to be shown on registration.

New Feature Age search improvements.

  • Improve usability in advanced search when searchning by age.

New Feature Invitation only community.

  • Allow registration only if properly invited through email.
  • Track the relation between invited user and invitee.
Note: Changes and fixes outlined bellow are differences between JomSocial 4.2.6 and JomSocial 4.3.0.

Database Changes

New Feature Add new table for JomSocial comments third-party integration.

Improvement Alter existing JomSocial users table to support gravatar integration.

Profile & Members

Bug Fix User information displayed on the frontend must respect the profiletype.

Improvement Default profiletype for new fields must be set.

Bug Fix Fix occasional error mesage at members page.

Bug Fix Fix the sorting by profiletype.

Messages & Notifications

Bug Fix Can't add recepient on new message.

Bug Fix Fix the actors count in conversations.

Improvement Add more meaningful name for message with multiple recipients.


Bug Fix Fix search with special characters.


Improvement Temporarily lock videos while being converted.


Bug Fix Fix memberlist ordering.

Improvement Add discussion like triggers.

Facebook Connect

Improvement Update default settings to require minimum permission and avoid app review. (Changing settings will effectively void this effort and require app review.)


Improvement Some plugins missing the frontend settings.


Improvement Improve Email digest preview template.

Bug Fix Return template instead of echoing it.

Removed Remove separator lines on member listing pages.


Bug Fix Fix s3 bucket issues in linking avatar.

Bug Fix Fix duplicate queries on profile and front page.

Bug Fix Fix memory leak in user checks.

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