Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.



Improvement Change profile card pop over display speed.


Bug Fix Undefined error on photo upload in iOS 9.


Bug Fix Video tagging does not work in Chrome.

Bug Fix Video thumbnail is missing on iOS 9.


Bug Fix Fix hashtags in opening post of discussion.

Bug Fix Fix group member count when assigned through backend.


Bug Fix Maybe going option is not showing on mobile.

Modules and Applications

Bug Fix Sort events in the module by start date.

Bug Fix Fix featured group display in the module.

Bug Fix HelloMe routing was wrong.

Bug Fix Videos module throws an error when displaying featured videos.

Bug Fix Add proper translation strings for memberssearch module.

Activity Stream

Bug Fix Showing image on stream fail because of poor connection.

Improvement Use native video player by default (new installations only).

Bug Fix Can't tag people if URL is switched betwen www and non-www.


Bug Fix Wrong class at event inviatation toolbar notification.

Bug Fix Update unsubscribe link in email footer.


Bug Fix Birthdate validation requires double click to re-validate again.

Bug Fix Wrong birthdate at backend if using M d Y format.

Bug Fix Standardise featured filters to show only featured content.

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