Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.



New Allow uploading photos in editor.

  • Allow upload only for image files.
  • Show uploaded images in description of event's and group's in the backend.


Bug Fix Sorting by featured albums creates SQL error.

Bug Fix Remove options to create new album or upload photos if user is not logged in.

Bug Fix Location for album does not working.

Bug Fix Fix points for like photo action.


Bug Fix Default description for video is missing.

Bug Fix Single quote in title renders broken video.


Bug Fix Events are being hidden when set to "Can't go".

Bug Fix Event may be saved without providing category.

Bug Fix Fix for singular and plural counts at events listing.

Modules and Applications

Bug Fix Event module should display upcoming and ongoing events.

New Add first day setting in event calendar module.

New Add settings to show private discussion for discussion module.

Bug Fix Accept only numeric value for count parameter in applications.

Bug Fix Fix hardcoded strings in statistics module.

Bug Fix Add missing options in statistic module.

Bug Fix Fix HelloMe redirection issues. (Thanks JoomlArt)

Bug Fix Fix module class suffix to work on Hello Me module. (Thanks JoomlArt)

New Add the user count in members module.


New New flow for admin approval. User must verify email first.

New Add loading indicator in registration flow.

Activity Stream

Bug Fix Auto refresh on stream does not respect guest configuration.

Removed Remove like action in stream for video comments. It's confusing because we can't know what is liked, video, comment or stream item.

Bug Fix Can't share URL from domain.

Bug Fix Shared video stream is broken.

Bug Fix Fixed stream to support AdAgency stream ads.

Bug Fix Remove album-related stream when album is deleted.


Bug Fix Member search results sometimes throw an SQL error.


Bug Fix Add validation for event category id.

Bug Fix Fix multilanguage item id.

Bug Fix Improve compatibility with sh404SEF.


Bug Fix Fixed distorted hovercard on the sidebar.

Bug Fix RTL is not working on event desccription.

Bug Fix Fix transation for previous and next buttons.

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