Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.



Bug Fix Add links to the customize my profile focus area.


Bug Fix Can't reposition covers.

Bug Fix "Taken at" photo location doesn't follow the configuration setting.

Bug Fix Deleting a photo will reset the whole album.

Messages & Notifications

Bug Fix Add more information on mass message notification.

Bug Fix File attachment on private messages sometimes not available.

Bug Fix Fix email notification for album comments.


Bug Fix Add status flag on list of group members.

Bug Fix Fixed the display permissions for event in groups.


Bug Fix Message for seats limit should be hidden from attendees.

Modules and Applications

Bug Fix Typo in HelloMe module.

Bug Fix Notifications in HelloMe module do not auto refresh when published on pages outside of JomSocial.

Bug Fix Remove section ID from My Articles plugin.

Bug Fix Add "Show all photos" link to photos module.

Bug Fix Nearby events will return only ongoing and upcoming events.

Bug Fix Events calendar module is stuck to maximum 20 events.

Bug Fix Fix anchor link for photo comments module.

Bug Fix Add proper link for user in Video Comments module.

Bug Fix Discussion module should load all the groups.

Backend and Installer

Bug Fix Filters in user listing are not respected.

Activity Stream

Bug Fix Line breaks on comments are not working.

Bug Fix Changing the group avatar stream still created even if points are disabled.


Bug Fix Fatal error in advanced search.


Bug Fix Fixed the issue with rendering in Firefox.

Bug Fix Viewing photo album breaks the template.

Bug Fix Group announcement list not showing properly on mobile.

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