Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.



Bug Fix Missing the space on album select list.

Bug Fix Privacy with albums allows guest to see images at all photos page.

Improvement Add JSPT avatar check

Bug Fix Album cover points to local path if S# integration is enabled.

Bug Fix Public group photos can't be seen.


Bug Fix Error message should be triggered when unsupported file is uploaded.

Bug Fix Can't convert 3gp files.


Bug Fix Event's should not count available seats in negative values.

Bug Fix Chrome-specific issues with short description box.

Bug Fix Wrong information for closed events is displayed.

Bug Fix Miniheader is missing when creating group event.

Improvement Minor SEF improvements.

Modules and Applications

Bug Fix Missing video icon in Hello Me module.


Bug Fix Admin can't save user in backend.

Activity Stream

Bug Fix New post on the filtered stream should remain until page is refreshed.

Improvement Refine tagging library.

Bug Fix Owner of the post should be able to delete comments.

Bug Fix Missing icon when privacy is changed.

Bug Fix Style code should not be rendered.

Bug Fix "More" button does not show proper streams when "Me & Friends" filter is active.

Bug Fix Duplicated activity streams showing when user uploads photo one by one.

Facebook Connect

Bug Fix Facebook Connect button is not showing on popup login.


Bug Fix Fix the social bookmarking settings which were not respected.

Removed Remove unused module positions.

Bug Fix CSS conflict with Google Maps.

Bug Fix Default filter for mail queue is wrong.

Bug Fix Two words countries do not update location data.

Bug Fix Can't save profile if select field value contains "&" character.

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