Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.



Bug Fix Style attribute for textbox field is not applied.

Bug Fix Remove unused Tooltip option from custom profile fields.

Bug Fix Radio and checkbox field prevent normal registration.

Bug Fix Add a proper explanation for email privacy option and move it to privacy tab.

Improvement Condition for user group update only if version is not 4.x

Bug Fix Profile cover reverts back to default when using S3.


Bug Fix Access permission for photos in private group is not respected.

Bug Fix Albums are empty if guest user access member's galleries.


Bug Fix Group owner should be able to delete posts made by other members.

Bug Fix Create discussion button conflict with sh404SEF.

Bug Fix Invite friends button is not working in Internet Explorer.

Bug Fix Missing asterisk for required fields on group create/edit page.

Bug Fix Hit counter for shared files is not updated.

Bug Fix Send email to members page missing styling.


Bug Fix Recode event list and miniheader to show proper response buttons.

Bug Fix Events from private groups should be included in search result if user is a member of the group.

Bug Fix Create event button still shows on some places even if option is disabled.

Messaging & Notifications

Bug Fix Can't add a link in private messages.

Bug Fix Hyperlink at notification email for like actions contain double slashes.

Activity Stream

Bug Fix YouTube player on the stream shows MIME error.

Bug Fix Fetched image is to big on Firefox browser.

Bug Fix Profile owner should be able to delete comments.

Bug Fix Can't see the avatar image from stream item.

Bug Fix Proper activity record should be deleted or updated after photo is deleted.


Improvement Slight improvement for editor styling on OS X.

Improvement Allow inserting target for hyperlinks.


Bug Fix More button on the stream stops working is using Ad Agency.

Bug Fix Hide invisible elements from screen readers.

Bug Fix Map on backend dashboard should work with HTTPS.

Improvement Remove inappropriate function names and offensive text from comments in third-party libraries.

Improvement Various language file grammar improvements and hardcoded text replacements.

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