Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.



Bug Fix Member list page error in guest view.

Bug Fix Fix the avatar watermark issue.

Bug Fix Add Link to the gender custom profile field.


Bug Fix More button on album description does not expand.

Bug Fix Public photos are not showing in guest view.

Bug Fix Can't share a photo to Facebook.

Bug Fix Photo count does not update.

Bug Fix Can't re-order the photos.

Bug Fix View album link leads to forbidden page.

Bug Fix Missing meta tag in photo detail.

Bug Fix Upload all user avatar related pic to s3 when integration is enabled.

Bug Fix Broken avatar if user switch back from S3 to local storage.

Improvement Improve visual presentation for "More from this user"


Bug Fix Sharing a video through email contains bad URL.

Bug Fix After clicking to view video in full screen, video is not centered.

Bug Fix Add Open Graph thumbnails for videos.


Bug Fix Editor is not saving unordered list in discussion.

Bug Fix Editor is not saving imagins in discussions.

Bug Fix Editor is not saving links in discussions.

Bug Fix Add miniheader for group in a guest view.

Bug Fix Can't upload files after trying to upload file bigger than a size limit.

Bug Fix Edit groups photo album from My Photos will make that album not belong to group anymore.


Bug Fix Disable joining event if there is no more available seats.

Modules and Applications

Bug Fix Mismatched closing DIV at my articles plugin.

Activity Stream

Bug Fix Vimeo movies not playing at stream.

Bug Fix Cant fetch direct link to image.

Bug Fix Revert the code causing stream to always be shown.

Bug Fix New messages alert in stream is incorrect if there are new comments on photos or videos with friends only privacy.

Bug Fix Videos stored on Amazon S3 should also play in stream.


Bug Fix Save search filter button is not responding.

Bug Fix Gender value is not searchable.


Bug Fix Missing sidebar for apps under customize my page.

Improvement Multiple improvements for iPad views.


Improvement Move the onGroupJoin trigger to the last line of the save member execution.


Bug Fix Fix invalid quote characters issues in translation file.

Bug Fix Page title for photos and videos in the groups have the same title tag.

Bug Fix Fix for JSPT inclusion.

Bug Fix Various Facebook Connect fixes.

Improvement Update AdAgency stream item.

Improvement Improve time lapse spelling for streams created less than one hour.

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