Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.



Bug Fix Maximum and minimum range in birthdate field is not respected.

Bug Fix Allow validating .world Top Level Domain on registration.

Bug Fix Import birthdate and gender (if available) when registering through Facebook Connect.


Bug Fix Sharing direct image url raise an error.

Bug Fix Album thumbnail should be clickable.


Improvement Bring back Metacafe video support with updated API.

Improvement Improve video presentation in a popup.

Bug Fix Temporary disable overlay because it blocking “Remove Video” button.

Bug Fix Adding video from YouTube that have quotation marks breaks video title.

Bug Fix Cant share video to Facebook.


Bug Fix Pending invitations page have bad styling.

Bug Fix Wrong files link at discussion files popup.

Bug Fix Group formatted description gets lost when form fails to save.

Bug Fix Group cover is repositioned after group details are edited and saved.


Bug Fix Clicking on 'Event Respond' opens 'Invite Friends' popup.

Modules and Applications

Bug Fix Hello Me module karma/badge image configuration is not working.

Bug Fix Top Members module breaks on rendering.

Bug Fix Wrong value for Males, Females, and Unspecifieds at statistic module.

Backend and Installer

Bug Fix Fix warning when adding group, event and video categories

Activity Stream

Bug Fix FLV videos can’t be played at stream.

Bug Fix Missing some icons in the postbox.

Bug Fix Remove the activity generated by changing avatar if the avatar is removed.

Bug Fix Adding text in new line in post box effect with no line breaks.

Bug Fix Guest view should not be affected with a filter. It must always show all public streams.

Emails & Notification

Bug Fix All invited friends should get notifications for being invited in the group.

Bug Fix Bring back invitation through emails.

Bug Fix Global notifications displaying deleted photos post and bring error page.


Bug Fix Allow SSL for NOCATCHA ReCaptcha.

Improvement Add ability to attach additional callback to ajax request.

Improvement Implement "onLoadAllFields" trigger.

Improvement Tighten the integration with ReadyBytes Profiletype extension.


Bug Fix Small gap in ejlxm_side_top position if there is no modules published in it.

Bug Fix Featured ribbon overlapping badge when shown.

Bug Fix Legacy uploader for non-browsers like IE9 was missing styling.

Improvement Various improvements in modal window sizes.


Bug Fix Event map not shown at mobile devices.

Bug Fix Calendar can't be used on Internet Explorer. It flashes for second and disappear.

Bug Fix Likes list is not displayed in Android (Chrome).

Bug Fix Amazon S3 video in stream is broken

Bug Fix Improve speed of navigation between photos on mobile devices.

Improvement Various language improvements.

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