Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.



New Feature Invite group members to group events.

  • Invite on group event creation.
  • Support all notifications and email alerts.
  • List pending invites.

New Feature Stacked module positions.

Improvement Template Developer Kit.


Improvement Respect Joomla 3.4 password strength configuration.

Bug Fix Support password change in Joomla 2.5

Bug Fix Checkbox field value should be preserved if profile is not saved.


Improvement Add group album details on album listing.

Bug Fix Friends should be able to tag photos.

Bug Fix Pagination missing at the last page of photo's pagination.

Bug Fix Album permissions should be respected.


Improvement Bring back missing video providers with updated API's.

Improvement Add group video details on video listing.


New Feature Invite to group event.

Bug Fix Cant see previous comments on group album.


Bug Fix Members that already attended event can not be invited again.

Bug Fix Link to user profile in event invitation.

Bug Fix Remove ubused avatar from event invitation.

Bug Fix Event available seats should not have negative value.

Modules and Applications

Bug Fix Layout fixes for Nearby Event Search and Latest Groups modules.

Messages & Notifications

Bug Fix Link to profile stream when someone post a status on another user profile.

Activity Stream

Improvement Align postbox icons properly on some third party templates.

Improvement Trimmed links on posts and comments should be little longer.

Improvement Moods will now show bold on the posts.

Improvement Apply proper image on single activity for Open Graph.

New Feature <3 will turn into the heart icon on posts and comments.

Bug Fix Fix for wrong number of shared photos.

Bug Fix FLV videos will not play in the stream.

Bug Fix Link fetching breaks at % character.


Improvement Improve loading of the stream when there is a lot of likes.

Bug Fix Users in Admin group should be able to moderate community on frontend.


Improvement Move switch for moods/badges configuration to Layout view.


New Feature Stacked module positions.

Bug Fix Do not load style.css if RTL is active.

Bug Fix Avatar on the miniheader for groups and members floating out of the bounds.

Internet Explorer-Specific

Bug Fix (IE10) Missing text on create event, group and video button.

Bug Fix (IE10-11) URL's flow outside modules when displayed.

Bug Fix (IE10-11) Event and Group covers are not visible on the listing page.


Improvement Add more elements to editors and use same editor in backend.

Bug Fix Privacy popups contain hardcoded words.

Bug Fix Some translation strings contain semicolons, causing Transifex to corrupt language files.

Bug Fix Fix Akismet integration on Joomla 3.4

Bug Fix Allow NOCAPTCHA to work on SSL enabled site.

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