Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.


New Feature

New FeatureFollowers

Bug Fixes

Bug Fix [reaction] Image poup is closed when close reacted users popup

Bug FixEvent page error

Bug FixIllegal text type

Bug FixSearch dropdown disappear in the toolbar

Bug FixStyle issue in chatbar for RTL

Bug FixFileshare in Chat bar show after turn off the option

Bug FixNotifications language issues

Bug FixCant show follow button on hovercard if user A is friend used B already

Bug FixEmpty popup when follow or add friend

Bug FixGot notice error on my events page

Bug FixReacted user popup is loaded slowly

Bug FixJS Trending module does not show views and comments

Bug Fix Got warning error on php 7.3.1

Bug Fix rename group chat null

Bug FixShould hide Follow button on user card/user profile when not login

Bug Fixuser point rule for following/unfollow

Bug FixStream filter options

Bug FixCan not show Add as a friend, send a message and Follow buttons on iphone/ipad portrait view


ImprovementPrivacy option for registration fields

ImprovementLast comment order

Improvement User opt-out status in mail queue for every liked your comment

ImprovementWhatsapp share button

Improvement All users Files are open for download

Improvement RTL : Upload photos in the postbox

Improvement Disable comments and likes from the wall

ImprovementNeed to improve email message sent to the recipient

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