Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.


New Feature

New Feature Open street map integration

New Feature Reactions

New FeaturePoll Module


ImprovementDisable social share option does not disable wall stream share button

ImprovementAdd new filter to show older groups

ImprovementAdd Emoji button in colorful background status

Improvementactivity about creating new group and date-time is not

Improvement[poll] Should show poll ended when it is ended

ImprovementImage quality of background image in postbox

ImprovementShare button language improvent

ImprovementHard to see emoji icon on status background

Improvement[BG] Improvement for status background

Improvement[BG]More bucket support in AWS

Bug fixes

Bug Fix[reaction] A guest still can reaction a photo album

Bug Fix[reaction] Like link displays not nice on photo album page

Bug Fix[RTL] Reaction, like should be moved to the right side

Bug FixCant typing on status background

Bug Fix[RTL] Add more spacing between icon and username on photo popup

Bug FixCant show old polls on user view

Bug FixNot able to translate Mark all as read in mobile

Bug Fix[Got error on event detail page when not insert Google Map API key

Bug Fix[OSM] Got error in console when enabling open street map

Bug Fix[OSM] Missing border on chrome browser

Bug Fix[emoji] Cant show post button on background status

Bug Fix[BG] Left/Right arrow should be hidden

Bug FixStill, comment a post on group even I have not joined group yet

Bug Fix[colorful] Limit character doesn't work on colorful status

Bug Fix[BG] Got error on background status when using ctrl + A then typing

Bug FixGot js error with google map in member info page

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