Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.



Bug Fix Importing users from CSV is not working properly.

Bug Fix JSON location is still showing on dashbord.

Bug Fix Fix overlapping button styles in Members monitor.

Bug Fix Members get duplicated when assigned to a group through backend.

Bug Fix Not possible to delete members from backend.

Removed Remove New Add-ons tab from JomSocial dashboard.


Bug Fix Can't link LiveLeak video with mobile URL.

Improvement Videos list stats improvement.

Bug Fix Default player is not working on discussions.


Bug Fix Members of the group can modify photos uploaded by other members.

Bug Fix Subnav for photos is missing.

Improvement Albums list stats improvement.


Improvement Time profilefield is not looking nicely.

Bug Fix New users should not be assigned with automatic points.

Bug Fix Email validation for users registered through Facebook Connect is not working.

Bug Fix Missing pagination in friends moderation pages.

Bug Fix Empty profile fields breaks user info.


Bug Fix Posts with moods only cause error.

Bug Fix URL's that fail to fetch cause entire post to disappear.

Bug Fix Stream filter for photos did not include album comments.

Bug Fix Avatar change stream should not be shown with the photos filter.


Bug Fix Application name should be respected.

Improvement Allow JS Members module to display all featured members.


Bug Fix All events having padlock icon even if they are public.

Bug Fix Option to request invitation is not shown in mobile view.


Bug Fix Fix the problem with proper page titles.

Bug Fix Wrong breadcrumb for profile page.

Bug Fix Update notification is blocking other updates.

Bug Fix Fix access to features that are disabled by admin.

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