Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.



Improvement Streamline configuration for location integration.

  • Disable certain configuration if requirements are not met and link to the missing requirements.
  • Add prominent link to documentation on relevant places.

Improvement Improve the JS Toolbar Extra module. (Joomla 3 version ONLY!)

  • Fully configure what to display in the module
  • Add two new menus (navigation & configuration) and chose what menu items to show in them.


Bug Fix After saving privacy, all icons are missing.

Bug Fix Admin only field should be removed after editing.

Bug Fix Can't reset avatar if image is missing from server.

Bug Fix Fix the issues with new line implementation for profile information in covers.

Improvement Convert the birthdate field display based on date or age settings.


Critical Fix Any member of group or event was able to modify description of any photo.

Bug Fix Fix the photo rotation.


Bug Fix Video thumbnails should respect HTTPS urls when possible.


Bug Fix Random "Comments" title on the groups list.

Bug Fix Group admins should be able to remove members from the group.

Bug Fix Likes from hidden groups still showing on public streams.

Bug Fix Fix the UTF8 problem with importing from CSV


Improvement Better RSVP handling for events.

Modules and Applications

Bug Fix Fix the missing css for modules.

Improvement Tweak styling for Article Comments plugin.

Bug Fix Add missing space in members module.

Bug Fix Kunena plugin forum post is not working.

Messaging & Notifications

Bug Fix Impossible to send messages that contain double quotes.

Backend and Installer

Bug Fix Reported content that does not exist anymore throws an empty modal window.

Removed Remove all deprecated functions in JomSocial Users.

Bug Fix UTF8 issues with importing from CSV.

Activity Stream

Improvement Aggregated stream standardisation on frontend and backend.

Bug Fix Character limit does not work when creating event directly from stream post box.

Bug Fix Stream autorefresh is broken.

Bug Fix Duplicated images caused by integration.


Bug Fix Missing SEF URL for search results.

Improvement Add warning if user tries to search by radius but does not have location set in own profile.

Bug Fix Search fails to work with select fields.

Improvement Add hidden input for more location data that can be searched for.


Bug Fix Fix return value of onAfterAssignPoint() trigger.

Improvement Update image manipulation flags.


Improvement Add missing editor translations.

Bug Fix Fix missing language for Article Comments plugin.

Bug Fix Fix missing language for Nearby Events Search module.

Bug Fix Kilemeters and miles symbols should not be hardcoded.


Bug Fix Revert to black background for video and photo modals.

Bug Fix Input focus on IE11 is off.

Bug Fix Constrain the notifications popup with community wrapper.

Bug Fix Tweak the upload photo icon in comments.


Bug Fix Improve login popup handling.

Bug Fix Browser title is broken when trying to use tagged user.

Bug Fix Do not parse the tagged people from Facebook posts.

Extra Modules

Bug Fix Language improvements for birthdate module.

Bug Fix Percentage calculation in profile completeness module is wrong.

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