Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.

4.2 RC 1


New Feature Email digest for inactive users.

  • Select how often to send email digest.
  • Choose the inactivity period.
  • Select what to send in emails.

New Feature Full Embedly support.

  • Show beautiful embedly cards in stream posts, comments and even editor.
  • Choose basic layout options.
  • Free service! Paid options available on Embedly website.

New Feature Databese tool for upgrade to support Emoji (requires MySQL 5.5.3 or higher).

  • Separate tool for database upgrade when supported.
  • Post emojis everywhere.

New Feature Frontend administration for custom profile fields by Ron Severdia.

  • Modify user profile fields directly on the site, without going to backend.
  • Modify user account information too.

New Feature GIF animation support (requires imagemagick).

  • Upload GIF's to the frontpage, profile, group and events stream.
  • Separate system album for animations.

New Feature Full support for PHP 7.

New Feature Full Joomla 3 compatibility.

New Feature New troubleshooting tool for cleaning up orphaned streams, avatars and covers.

New Feature Possibility to hide a year for birthdate field and respect that setting in search.

New Feature System albums now have unique "title" tag


Critical Security Issue Authorize input before processing. (Thanks Vladimir).


Removed Remove JomSocial Connect plugin. It is not needed for proper functioning of JomSocial's Facebook Connect.


Bug Fix Cover album in events should always be public, as every other system album is.

New Feature Add photo counter in system albums.

Improvements Always show photo options on mobile.


Improvement Use native player as a default option for new installations.

Improvement Show search input on videos search results page.


Bug Fix Groups throw an error when visited by guest user.

Bug Fix Group details are right under stream instead of the tab.


Improvement Add proper filter for events.

Improvement Bring back the basic HTML formating in event descriptions.


Bug Fix Move submenu options from "Sent" to "Inbox".

Backend and Installer

Improvement Beatify dropdowns in the backend dashboard.

New Feature Allow using quotes in values for custom profile fields.

New Feature Add register date on member list in the backend (suggested by Ron Severdia).

Bug Fix Could not save the user from backend.

Activity Stream

Bug Fix Streams from hidden event should not be visible to guest users.

New Feature Add option to share the stream from third-party.

Improvement Make album selection more promininet when uploading photos through postbox.


Improvement Change "see_also" Open Graph tag to have an absolute url (SourceCoast).


Bug Fix Fix database error on friends page.

Bug Fix Fix backend avatar overrides.

Improvement Optimise the toolbar CSS.

Bug Fix Default badge can't be seen on black cover.

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