Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.



Improvement Accept special character and spaces in username.

New Feature Better error pages when viewing blocked user profile.

Bug Fix Fix minor incompatibilities with PHP date format in birthday field.


Improvement Add miniheaders for album views.

Bug Fix Don't show system albums on all photos lists.

Bug Fix Fix overlapping arrow icons in photo modal.


Bug Fix User videos should not show videos posted in groups and events.


Bug Fix Fix the issue with commenting photos from the stream.

Bug Fix Can't download files from discussions.

Bug Fix Group admins should be able to delete streams.


Bug Fix Photo-related activities are missing in invitation only events.

Bug Fix Event admins should be able to delete streams.

Modules and Applications

Bug Fix Icons mismatch in notification module.

Bug Fix Fix actor link in photo comments module.

Bug Fix Fix actor link in video comments module.

Bug Fix Group photos should show in photos module when available.

Bug Fix Do not remove Kunena System plugin.

Backend and Installer

Improvement Improve members list in admin.

Bug Fix Email digest preview sometimes doesn't work.

Activity Stream

Bug Fix Fix missing embedly support for discussion reply stream.

Messages and Notifications

Bug Fix Status of notification messages in mail queue is wrong for group posts.

Improvement Improve group streams notifications.


Bug Fix Fix duplicate fb-root id.

Bug Fix Fix cursor icon on birthdate field.

Improvement Remove duplicate ID's.

Improvement Remove autocapitalize from username and password.


Bug Fix Hide Year text can't be translated.

Improvement Improvement with Guru compatibility.

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