Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.



Bug Fix Update photo table to check instance of params before storing into database.

Bug Fix Fix photo upload using ajaxpreviewcomment to store the photo permanently according to the parameters.

Bug Fix Respect the photo size limit.

Bug Fix Fix override for profile cover.

Bug Fix Event cover should not position back to default after editing event.


Bug Fix Fix the stream upload permissions in events and groups.


Bug Fix If creating groups is disabled, going to direct link to create group should return notice.


Bug Fix Fix issues related to hidden group events.

Modules and Applications

Improvement Add SSL verifier and Certificates for Twitter Auth API.

Bug Fix Use DisplayName in Hello Me module.

Improvement Add WebDriver classes for testing plugins.

Bug Fix Fix application description so it can be translated.

Bug Fix Add direct query filtering to JS Members module to produce accurate results.

Activity Stream

Bug Fix Fix user point issue when updating post.

Bug Fix Deleting a featured activities through admin, prevents user from featuring more activities.

Facebook Connect

Removed Remove unsupported account association in edit profile if user is logged in using JFBC.


Bug Fix Redirect to JomSocial page after activation.

Bug Fix Fix the registration emails in certain scenarios.


Bug Fix Add additional parameters to upload image on wysiwyg editor.

Bug Fix Files uploaded through editor should not be deleted with cron.

Bug Fix Fix discussion textbox to accept strong and em elements.

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