Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.



Bug Fix Min/Max date option with 'today' value is not working.

Bug Fix URL profile field is not validating.


Bug Fix Photo preview missing remove option.

Bug Fix Filesize setting is not respected.

New Feature Add notice message for maximum images that can be uploaded in one batch.


New Feature Introduce the options to follow aspect ratio for uploaded videos.

Removed Remove unsupported video provider.

Bug Fix Do not try to fetch thumbnails for videos hosted on S3.

Bug Fix Video description is missing in modal window.


Bug Fix Photos count in group is wrong.

New Feature Add notifications for new photos and videos in group.

Bug Fix Sharebox allows uploading zero (0) photos

Bug Fix Admins should always be able to create group.


Bug Fix Fix the sharebox height on event description.

Modules and Applications

Bug Fix Fix the Twitter disconnect url issue.

Bug Fix Add proper if/else condition for closing events module.

Bug Fix Update redirect links in HelloMe module.

Activity Stream

Bug Fix Sharing post with fetched content cause to open URLs in the same window.

Bug Fix Show more button is not visible when sharing long text.

Bug Fix Fix blank blue map when sharing location.

Bug Fix Sharebox does not respect character count in RTL mode.

Bug Fix After clicking on avatar on activity stream image is moved left on black area.

Bug Fix Stream should be deleted when photo is deleted.


Bug Fix Ajaxify user search.

Emails & Notifications

Bug Fix People tagged in the photo should get email notification.

New Feature Add notification to admin for new user, even if user does not verify email yet.


Bug Fix Text is overlapping photo icon in comments.

Bug Fix Member list title is wrong.


New Feature reCaptcha now supports multiple languages based on browser language.

Bug Fix Modal window conflicts with third-party components.

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