Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.



Bug Fix Members page does not work with SEF links.

Bug Fix Update user points directly, instead of saving entire user object.

Bug Fix Invalid Token issues on registration page.

Improvement Raise warning if user press browser back button during registration.

Bug Fix Change default sorting of members page.

Bug Fix Invite Friends button does not work on IE 11.


Bug Fix Add microdata for single photo.

Bug Fix Fix album microdata.

Bug Fix Small avatar should respect defined settings.

Bug Fix Fix issue with uploading photos when SH404Sef is in use.

Bug Fix Correct upoad to S3 storage.

Bug Fix Some text is hardcoded at the photo modal.

Bug Fix Can't disable photo likes.

Bug Fix Rotate button missing on the photo page.


Bug Fix Can't play video using native player.

Bug Fix Users should not be able to report their own videos.

New Feature Add backend option to always play videos in native player

Bug Fix Privacy options are broken when editing a video in backend.

Bug Fix Sharing a YouTube video with time parameter is not possible on iOS 8


Bug Fix Active groups module should not show hidden groups.

Bug Fix Group event member list is broken.

Bug Fix Fix the user counter.

Bug Fix Enabling file sharing when creating group, does not enable it for discusions.

Bug Fix User invited into a private group should see the group details.

Bug Fix Long announcement title is breaking the layout.

Bug Fix Missing remove cover feature.

Bug Fix Wrong icon for group events.

Bug Fix Remove retrieval limit on discussion.


Bug Fix Can't export events to iCal.

Bug Fix Private event details should show to guest user.

Bug Fix Invited user should see event details.

Bug Fix Can't invite friends to event using mobile device.

Bug Fix Missing remove cover feature.

Activity Stream

Bug Fix Notification and email should be queued when someone replies on the activity stream in events.

Bug Fix Update event stream privacy is not respected.

Bug Fix Fix fetching the image with direct URL's.

Bug Fix Can't post links from some TLD's.

Bug Fix Disabling the group update points should disable the stream creation too.

Bug Fix Frontpage stream should show event-related streams to a member of event.

Bug Fix Keep the stream filter after post.


Bug Fix Advenced search filter menu can't be saved.

Bug Fix Fix the issues with country listing.

Bug Fix Country value must be translated.

Bug Fix Birthdate field does not respect time format.


Bug Fix Must be able to remove messages from blocked users.

Bug Fix Strip down HTML for security reasons.


Bug Fix Notification should not show up when actor ID is missing.

Bug Fix Fix notification for converted videos.

Bug Fix Fix email notification for post reply.

Bug Fix Group post comment notification is not working for all members involved in discussion.

Bug Fix Joining a private group does not trigger the email for group admin.

Bug Fix Use different email template when invite message is empty.

Bug Fix Fix the wrong footer for sending invitation emails.

Bug Fix Discussion reply notification is not working.


Bug Fix Fix invalid breadcrumb path

Improvement Add hero image as part of the microdata.

Bug Fix Cron job throws SQL error.

Bug Fix Physical button should be used to send messages from mobile devices.

Removed Remove non-working access control for user points.

Bug Fix Edit Profile and Edit Details menu positions take to the same page.

Improvement Stabilise Facebook Connect API.

Bug Fix Components menu in Joomla backend does not respond to a click. (Thanks Ron Severdia)

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