Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.


Bug Fix Can’t save profile if birthdate field contains maximum or minimum value.

Bug Fix Everyone can see profile that is set to “Friends Only”.

Bug Fix Can’t save profile with some Spanish characters.

Bug Fix Wrong error message after not activated user login attempt.

Bug Fix Cancelling the cover modify procedure doesn't bring previous cover back.

Bug Fix "Read only" parameter must apply to all fields, and should only be editable on registration.

Bug Fix Breadcrumbs display wrong profile path when using SEF.

Bug Fix "Allow Others to 'Like' My Profile" setting is not working.


Bug Fix The size of original photo is different after download.

Bug Fix Photo counter in album is wrong.

Bug Fix Some album privacy items are not respected.


Bug Fix Video counter should not count pending videos.

Improvement Missing visual indication that video is selected when uploading through modal window.


Bug Fix Replying to the comment in group activity should send the proper notification.

Bug Fix Sharing the status post in group stream contains blank share popup.

Bug Fix Edit discussion bumps it up on top of the list, like it is the newest.

Bug Fix Announcements tab show Discussions for Admin user that is not member of the group.

Bug Fix Using quotes in discussions replies shows " in the stream.


Bug Fix Editing event changes the event start date.

Bug Fix Printing event does not show a location map.

Bug Fix Multiple profiles without ability to create events can import iCal events in groups.

Bug Fix Do not show activity stream tab for members that are not approved in private event.

Modules and Applications

Bug Fix Community - Events plugin should not display events that user is invited to, but not yet responded.

Bug Fix Quick search module fails to work.

Bug Fix Two Hello Me modules can’t work on same page.

Bug Fix Issues with links in Hello Me module going on the wrong pages.

Activity Stream

Bug Fix Discussion stream shows HTML tags.

Bug Fix Trailing dot will cause url to fail fetching.

Bug Fix Status post is not updated after editing.

Bug Fix Missing date at third-party activity stream items.

Bug Fix Sharing a status with video must be editable.

Bug Fix "Me & Friends" filter resets after posting something in the stream.

Bug Fix Fetching content from large page fails ungracefully. Thanks Greg

Bug Fix Missing some stream items option button for registered users.

Bug Fix If video privacy is changed in the stream item, it should reflect the video itself.

Bug Fix Respect status character limit if importing from Facebook.

Bug Fix Some links still open in new tab, even if feature is disabled.

Bug Fix Sharing photos from stream do not respect file size upload limit.

Bug Fix Tagging does not work properly when sharing photos.

Bug Fix Profile cover and avatar change activity posts should follow profile privacy.

Bug Fix Liking and commenting options are not respecting item’s privacy.


Bug Fix Item ID issues with advanced search.

Bug Fix Advanced search does not respect email privacy.

Bug Fix Advanced search fails for checkbox fields.


Improvement Improve stability with handling the avatars and covers with Amazon S3


Bug Fix Login form missing when login attempt was denied


Bug Fix Wrong ajax request at Nginx server when URL rewrite is on.

Improvement Language improvements for spelling, grammar and hardcoded translation strings.

Improvement Remove third param from getInt() all over JomSocial - suggestion by Sh404SEF.

Improvement Override karma image should be in PNG format.

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