Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial. Bugfix release


Improvement Community Members Module Improvements

  • Choose default filter.
  • Chose what filter to show.
  • Hide/Show total number of users.


Bug Fix Removed cover images still exist on server.

Bug Fix Thumbnail photo preview does not show in big albums.

Improvement Improve photo uploads for Internet Explorer.


Bug Fix Video title is skipped when contains quote (“) character.

Improvement Standardise default value for video category.

Groups & Events

Bug Fix If Multi Profile does not allow creating event, user should not be able to create it.

Bug Fix Public group events list should be available for non-members of group.

Bug Fix ACL of user randomly changes when using groups.

Bug Fix User tags show HTML code when viewing entire discussion.

Improvement Improve iCal event bulk importing.

Modules and Applications

Bug Fix Remove limitation in total videos shown in Community Videos module.

Bug Fix Do not show number 0 when there are no notifications in HelloMe module.

Bug Fix Fix for emoticons in activity stream module.

Bug Fix Setting icon in module activity stream is not responding.

Improvement Members module improvements (Thanks Ron!).

Messaging & Notifications

Bug Fix Popup window should close when message is sent.

Bug Fix All users that are invited to event should get notified about it.

Activity Stream

Bug Fix Description for liked videos does not follow the backend limit setting.

Bug Fix Do not allow stream comment and like for non registered visitors.

Bug Fix Smileys and emojis not working when sharing video.

Bug Fix Remove individual photo-related stream items when whole album is deleted.

Bug Fix Remove all activities regarding a video when the video is deleted.

Bug Fix Sharing fetched content without thumbnail shows image placeholder.

Bug Fix Liking a private album creates stream item visible for everyone.

Bug Fix Friend statuses not displaying when filter "Me and friends" is selected.


Bug Fix onPhotoCreate event is not fired when sharing photos from postbox.

Bug Fix OnGetUserInfo missing params.

Facebook Connect

Improvement Improve Facebook avatar retrieval.

Improvement Remove FQL for Facebook Connect and replace it with Graph API.

Improvement Add access token values to ajax update request.


Bug Fix T3 Mega Menu does not expand on JomSocial pages.

Bug Fix Kunena activity stream likes apply to multiple items.

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