Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.

3.2.1 Rock-Solid Release


New Features Comment area improvements.

  • Allow adding the image in the comment.
  • Support smiley faces on commenting areas.
  • Fetch content from the links posted in comments.
  • Istant People tagging on the commenting areas.


Bug Fix About me page does not show Gender field.


Bug Fix Editing an event always revert date to current date.

Bug Fix Recurring events are not deleted from database when needed.

Bug Fix Darepickers do not follow first day backend configuration.

Modules and Applications

Bug Fix My Contacts application shows all fields, regadless of configuration.

Bug Fix Number of displayed events do not follow module settings.

Bug Fix Issues with showing quote and ampersand in groups module.

Backend and Installer

Bug Fix Gender chart does not show any data.

Bug Fix Remove duplicated plugins from installer.

Bug Fix Mail Queue have wrong default filter.

Activity Stream

Bug Fix Show admin announcements only on frontpage streams.

Bug Fix Stream about deleting avatar should never show up.

Improvement Improve performance of the tagging feature on the stream.

Improvement Clearly separate uploed from linked videos on the stream.


Improvement Optimize friends search with less queries.


Improvement Use autoload libraries for CAssets.

Bug Fix Fix group related triggers on frontend.

Improvement Fire the group related triggers on backend.


Bug Fix Older messages are missing.


Bug Fix Bacjground for image attachment on dark theme is white.

Bug Fix Image attachment should open in popup window for better presentation.


Bug Fix Word filter correction duplicating corrected words.

Improvement Remove time limit for editing comments.

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