Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.


Bug Fix Comment link at featured album leads to a wrong album.

Bug Fix Fix the missing album cover.


Bug Fix Can't comment a video.

Improvement Adding or linking a video should force user to choose category, instead first one being automatically selected.

Bug Fix Missing item ID when linking the video from postbox.


Bug Fix Video upload link still available in groups even if video features are disabled.


Bug Fix Can't duplicate repeating event.

Modules and Applications

Bug Fix HelloMe module shows "&" instead "&" symbol on displayname.

Bug Fix Editing a status in HelloMe module shows "&" instead "&" symbol.

Backend and Installer

Bug Fix URL to reported stream is wrong.

Bug Fix Album and photo records are not removed after being deleted.

Activity Stream

Bug Fix Video link in activities is wrong.

Bug Fix Custom admin message is not showing for unregistered users.

Bug Fix Editing stream comment with long text will cause comment box to break.

Bug Fix Moods are not showing in postbox.

Improvement Improve the stream titles for video uploads and video linking.

Messages & Applications

Bug Fix Attached images in messages are not clickable and cant open bigger image.

Bug Fix Can't attach image in first message (Fix the "write" page. Still not working in popup).

Bug Fix Link in email notification does not have proper item ID.


Bug Fix Calendar icon for date field missing in advanced search.

Bug Fix Fields below Gender criteria are ignored in search.

Facebook Connect

Bug Fix Facebook avatar sometimes does not import when logging in.


Bug Fix Changing multi profile breaks the layout interface.


Improvement Stabilise zencoder and S3 integration.

Bug Fix Raw code output is shown after clicking login in socialize template.

Bug Fix Support ".center" top level domain to be blocked or allowed for registration.

Bug Fix Prevent blocked users from being tagged.

Improvement Profile cover should be visible even before it is transfered to S3.

Bug Fix Can't upload cover images using Safari browser.

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