Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.


Bug Fix Update location data properly.

Bug Fix Radio button in custom profiles does not respect read only parameter.


Bug Fix Wrong count of comments in featured area.


Bug Fix Counting group announcements stops at 20.


Improvement More improvements on the iCal dates handling.

Bug Fix Missing end date on recurring event.

Modules and Applications

Bug Fix Dropdown options icon in activity stream module is not responding.


Bug Fix Can't reply private messsage.

Bug Fix Date in write box is always UTC.

Activity Stream

Improvement If actor on the stream is unregistered user, name shouldn't link to non-existing profile.

Bug Fix Changing avatars and covers create multiple activity stream items.

Bug Fix Not possible to remove location for own stream items.

Bug Fix Tagged users not showing properly on the stream.


Bug Fix Event cover image reverts back to default when using Amazon S3.

Bug Fix Avatars are stucked in transfer to Amazon S3.

Improvement Add new triggers for user being banned, unbanned and kicked out from the group.

Improvement Changing all JURI::root() instances to JURI::root(true) for SSL support.

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