Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.

New Features

New Feature Allow username change when Joomla setting allows it (Only Joomla 3.3)

New Feature Troubleshooter View

  • Shows all Javascripts loaded on the site.
  • Displays modified JomSocial's files.
  • Lists all installed plugins and shows which one belong to JomSocial.

New Feature Ajax Notifications

  • Alert users on new notification, message, or friend request without reloading the current page.
  • Allow admins to enable/disable this feature.
  • Allow admins to decide how often to check for new notification.


Bug Fix Retain user levels after saving profile details.

Bug Fix Entering HTML tags in post box breaks the profile page after sending.

Bug Fix Gender field always have "Male" as default value.


Bug Fix Sometimes can’t comment on photos due the javascript error.

Bug Fix New albums can’t be created from uploader.

Improvement Improve handling watermarked avatars.


Bug Fix Video overlap the pop-up on small screen sizes.

Bug Fix Featured video from is not displayed with proper width.

Bug Fix Check for video limits on upload.

Bug Fix Featured video from Liveleak not displayed.

Bug Fix Cant choose the privacy in “Add video” dialog.

Removed Due the changes in third-party API, remove support for Break and Metacafe videos.


Bug Fix Discussion-related settings are visible while creating new group, even when they're disabled in backend.

Bug Fix 406 Not Acceptable error when download file from group discussion.

Bug Fix Add video in group option is not available.

Bug Fix Can’t create group on some instances.

Bug Fix Fix photo permission for normal user in group.

Improvement Improve file upload for IE 9 in group discussion.


Bug Fix Display event category header.

Bug Fix Uploading event cover for event in private group allows to enter private event from stream.

Bug Fix When Facebook Integration is enabled, event avatar show FB icon watermark.

Improvement Improve handling import from iCal.

Modules and Applications

Bug Fix No frontpage cover on logout when Jomsocial Redirect plugin is set to “Redirect back to previous page”.

Bug Fix mod_hellome doesn’t respect “Use SourceCoast Facebook Connect” setting.

Bug Fix Activity stream module is broken with joomla 2.5

Bug Fix Comment button in activity stream module, does't work.

Bug Fix Smiley icon is not working in activity stream module.

Improvement Misleading description for community Events plugin.

Improvement Misleading description for community Events module

Backend and Installer

Bug Fix Approving members throws an error.

Bug Fix Message typo after deleting photo from backend./p>

Bug Fix Duplicate user in members monitor view.

Bug Fix Can not disable change profile picture activity stream.

Bug Fix Option to set automatic cover for photo albums does not work.

Bug Fix Changing a group owner throws an error.

Bug Fix Add “Publish” icon in lthe member list.

Bug Fix Pending members notification count is wrong.

Improvement Open "execute cron" in a new window.

Improvement Fix heavy load query for blocked user.

Improvement Add new set of default profile fields on new installation.

Improvement Add new set of toolbar items on new installation.

Removed Remove obsolete Kunena related plugins from installation.

Activity Stream

Bug Fix Activities about creating discussions in group still visible even when discussions are disabled in back-end.

Bug Fix Shared event have different date than original event.

Bug Fix Thumbnail and description lost in group status updates.

Bug Fix Status reply counter is wrong.

Bug Fix Admin not able to remove fetched content in comments from other users.

Bug Fix Liking an activity about posting the video, should not give the like to video.

Bug Fix Apache mod_security sometimes prevent posting statuses.

Bug Fix Cant post plain text status on php 5.5.x

Bug Fix Comments are not shown when clicking on "Show All Comments" in photo streams.

Bug Fix User can't be tagged if user name contains non-Latin characters.

Bug Fix Postbox does't follow the character limit setting in back-end.

Bug Fix Deleting video comment does not delete stream entry.

Bug Fix Stream shows first user that joined event instead of the last one.

Bug Fix Old comments from album still shown when uploading photos from postbox.

Bug Fix Uploading video via post box ignores language constants for categories names.

Bug Fix Facebook status with quotes (") is not parsed properly.

Bug Fix Custom messages are not displayed on activity stream when "Me & Friends" filter is active.

Improvement Reduce image size limit from 150 to 128 for fetched thumbnails.


Bug Fix Advanced search using gender returns wrong results.

Bug Fix Fix issues with checkbox field.


Improvement Replace “CAssets::attach” with “CFactory::attach”.


Improvement Send email notification to owner when FFMPEG converts the video.


Bug Fix Facebook registration with multiple profiles skips admin approval if user ignore "Select a Profile Type" button.

Bug Fix No email with activation link after registration when all profile fields are disabled.

Bug Fix Multiple profile in Facebook Connect is always available even when disabled in backend.


Bug Fix Fix SEF error when viewing group photos and discussions.

Bug Fix Missing report icon on user's profile, groups and event.

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