Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.

3.1.1 Security Bugfix

important Security Fixes

Important: 2 severe security issues

  • Avatar upload vulnerability
  • String helper improvements to avoid system executable functions


Bug Fix Gender field does not show in About Me section of the profile.

Bug Fix User's profile is not removed after is deleted from backend.

Bug Fix Activation emails contain qqq message in the link.

Bug Fix Admin should be able to see all custom profile fields on frontend.

Bug Fix Disabling Group, Events, Photos and Videos do remove email and notification preferences too.


Bug Fix Using quotation marks in private messages gives ‘"'


Bug Fix On some third-party template, blank line is added to photo view after clicking navigation icons.


Bug Fix Filters in video module not working on JomSocial pages.

Bug Fix Cron job cashe issues while converting videos.

Bug Fix Change vcodec to use libx264.


Bug Fix Most active filter at "All Groups" page not working.

Bug Fix Creator of the group should be able to unpublish own group.

Bug Fix Fatal error in "All Groups" page.

Bug Fix Event links are not visible to users in group.

Bug Fix Fix strict standard notices in group page.

Bug Fix report option is missing from group page.


Bug Fix Hardcoded "share" word on events page.

Bug Fix Quote in event description make the editor broken.


Bug Fix Adding friend popup box does not expand enough.

Backend and Installer

Bug Fix Tooltips are half-visible in backend ajax popups.

Bug Fix Hardcoded language strings on the Dashboard.

Bug Fix Edit group in backend is not working.

Bug Fix Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class CommunityModelGroups

Bug Fix Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class CommunityModelPhotos

Bug Fix Undefined index message on saving configuration in backend.

Bug Fix Remove redundant "Please upgrade your modules and plugins" message from installation.

Improvement Make the installation steps automatic.

Activity Stream

Bug Fix Optimize the video popup size

Bug Fix Can't upload images bigger than 4MB.

Bug Fix Upload button is duplicated when file size is exceeded.


Bug Fix Update OpenGraph for all objects that can be shared.

Bug Fix Improve multilingual support for Toolbar.

Bug Fix Improve multilingual support for datepicker.

Facebook Connect

Bug Fix Facebook Connect and video module conflict when published on a same page.


Bug Fix Covers are not moved to Amazon S3.

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