Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.


New Feature Brand new admin
New Feature Photos Manager
New Feature Ability to reposition image in covers
New Feature New Dashboard
New Feature Thumbnails on events, groups, videos, photos (back-end)
New Feature Drop downs and serach boxes on all backend lists
New Feature New columns and buttons on all backend lists
New Feature Preview for videos, photos (back-end)
Bug Fix Cover photos 100% size on activity stream
Bug Fix Azrul plugin conflict with EXPautos
Bug Fix allow to upload photos and videos on groups and events!
Bug Fix images look bad
Bug Fix Saving advanced search filter gives error " JTableMenu does not support ordering"
Bug Fix Reduce video size
Bug Fix IE 10 bug with latest discussion module
Bug Fix Fix text area issue
Bug Fix links in email notifications are broken
Bug Fix Birthdate is required by default during registration
Bug Fix Adding application from "customize my page" is missing add button
Bug Fix Data cache causes Pending videos to be continually reporcessed
Bug Fix Can't not replay linked video when using https
Bug Fix asset missing in multiupload
Bug Fix Can not chose to delete repeat events on Firefox
Bug Fix JS-1446 : "liked your stream" activity stream points to profile
Bug Fix Photo view, navigation kays problem.
Bug Fix Select field Size option not making any difference
Bug Fix Can't add video from myspace
Bug Fix It seems to me that CFactory::getConfig() modifies the JEventDispatcher instance
Bug Fix "Star" to feature users is disapearing when there's no user featured to the community
Improvement Email subject should be accessible email template file
Bug Fix activity stream about users joining new group is showing first user who joined this group instead of latest user.
Bug Fix Custom profile with "+" error
Bug Fix No arrows for changing months in event creation event
Bug Fix no notifications for likes under changed avatar or cover photo
Bug Fix jomchat issue
Bug Fix still can't share photos, videos, events on group
Bug Fix Missing translation string com_community_activity_wall_group_email_subject in main language file
Bug Fix "@" missing in activity steam
Bug Fix "Add friend" popup styling issue
Bug Fix [FORUM] user reports deleting HD videos
Bug Fix custom profile type "radio buttons" cannot be saved
Bug Fix Delete photo comment doesn't delete it associated stream
Bug Fix Textarea field maximum character is automatically set to 200
Bug Fix JS-1559 : Issues with photo tagging
Bug Fix Some of the Textarea field options not doing anything
Bug Fix email's activation link on different mail clients.
Bug Fix Problem during installation
Bug Fix Cannot upload images bigger then 4mb
Bug Fix Advanced Search Event Form styling issue
Bug Fix Error on cron job Joomla 3.2
Bug Fix CSS issue with the latest video module
Bug Fix [forum] Can't save events dates in database.
Bug Fix Select profile type is visible even the profile type is disabled
Bug Fix Video upload not working after upgrade to JS
Bug Fix Can't upload files to discussions
Bug Fix add ijoomla logo on dashboard
Bug Fix Timestamps dissapears after a day from activity stream
Bug Fix Users can't upload files to groups (pdf, ppt, doc, xls etc)
Bug Fix Pagination for comments in albums is does't works on Joomla 3.2 with SEF enabled
Bug Fix "user activiation" is set to "admin" but still users are receiving emails with link to activate their accounts
Bug Fix Admin approval doesn't work - user still gets confirmation link.
Bug Fix Event is showing recent activites even when user is not attende to this event.
Bug Fix can't replace event cover more than once
Bug Fix Another issue in video convert
Bug Fix Link the avatar in a sharebox to links to profile
Bug Fix Admin approval problem on multiprofiles on
Bug Fix COM_COMMUNITY_ACITIVY_WALL_EVENT_EMAIL_SUBJECT is missing from language file
Bug Fix "Reset existing users privacy" Don't reset settings for "groups" label
Bug Fix Calendar on advanced search still using the old version
Bug Fix coverPosition column database error after updating group event or profile.
Bug Fix Filter in Monitor > Activities only read the username.
Bug Fix "Select" field with comma in options, shows information twice.
Bug Fix Cant login after register
Bug Fix cover photo doesn't work on recurring events on JS3.0.5.3
Bug Fix Sorting videos in groups video is wrong
Bug Fix Can't edit "Points#" field for new userpoints
Bug Fix Group Search from submenu is not styled properly
Bug Fix All videos page featured video
Bug Fix Preparing database issue
Bug Fix Cropping avatar from image in a album is not possible
Bug Fix registration bug on second step
Bug Fix UNSET typo
  "user xxx posted a new discussion, asdasda " activty stream improvment
Bug Fix Cant login to admin after install joomla 3.2 and jomsocial
Bug Fix Nothing happens when clicking the ignore button
Bug Fix Undefined index for gender field in about me section
Bug Fix Error Password too long. Please select a password with 55 or fewer characters
Bug Fix Amount of members should show only jomsocial members
Bug Fix Pending groups filter changes after approving only one
Bug Fix Changing the category of videos in video manager doesn't work
Bug Fix the word "Seats" is missing form event page
Bug Fix Move applications menu item to under "videos"
Bug Fix Upload photo is creating album in all photos page
Bug Fix Notification and message write popups dont fit the content
Bug Fix Newly created users are searchable only after login-in.
Bug Fix "have like" should be "have liked"
Bug Fix Youtube videos are still blurry
Bug Fix Unsent emails shows ALL emails
Bug Fix Can't translate 'change profile cover'
Bug Fix All group sorting by members shows only 2 groups
Bug Fix After banning user/spammer, his posts are still there
Bug Fix One video showing much larger on "All videos"
Bug Fix Application name in customize page not respect the multiple translation
Bug Fix JS-2003/JS-2004/JS-2005 Removing the Module Class Suffix doesn't remove the styling.
Bug Fix Descrption in category groups / events / videos
Bug Fix JS-1998 : The Module 'Community - Photo Comment' needs to be restyled back.
Bug Fix JS-1995 : The Module 'Community - Latest group posts' needs to be restyled back.
Bug Fix Multiprofile set to NOT allow events creation but user can create it from sharebox.
Bug Fix JS-1994 : The Module 'Community - Latest Discussion' needs to be restyled back.
Bug Fix The Module 'Community - Hello Me' needs to be restyled back.
Bug Fix mod_noticiations does't shows "collored" notifications
Bug Fix JS-1991 : The module 'Community - Dating Search' needs to be restyled back.
Bug Fix Cancel reposition back the the original cover position
Bug Fix Styling for Community - Active Group module should be restyled.
Bug Fix Styling for Community - JomSocial Notification should be redesigned.
Bug Fix Different minor behavior event category and group category
Bug Fix JS-1989 - "Community - Jomsocial Notification" module doesn't show any notification.
Bug Fix Set ordering icon in joomla 2.5 is not styled yet
Bug Fix Edit profile type is not working
Bug Fix change reposition for group and event
Bug Fix drop down change hover is truncated
Bug Fix Weird char on validation registration step 2
Bug Fix Warning message on create event in sharebox is not styled yet
Bug Fix Click Unpublish group is nothing happens
Bug Fix Cancel | Save change too close after change cover
Bug Fix redirect after delete group/event avatar is wrong
Bug Fix redirect after change event/groupavatar is wrong
Bug Fix cant see the bottom info in cWindow popup
Bug Fix No alert notif when required field not filled
Bug Fix Can't see save/cancel button when editing a group
Bug Fix Joining event stream item can become really big
Bug Fix A Guest showing up in backend activity streams
Bug Fix Still cant share the photos and events from mobile devices.
New Feature Add 'Run CronJob Manually' button in backend
Bug Fix Wrong time in send message
Bug Fix Clicking on timespan filters on dashboard in backend affects only first graph.
Bug Fix won't let me select a group category on joomla 2.5 admin
Bug Fix Error on convert mp4 FFMPEG
Bug Fix Wrong size for album deletion ajax popup and styling.
Bug Fix Cover repositioning not working for Groups and events
Bug Fix Graphs sizing wrong when you change from 'this week' to other and the graph is folded.
Bug Fix Missing 'unfold' icon for statistics on backend dashboard
Bug Fix Mass messaging is not working on mobile
Bug Fix popups on mobile not scrollable
Bug Fix Error after upgrade on site with active data
Bug Fix Deleting videos from back-end is not working
Bug Fix Hardcoded strings, makes translation impossible
Bug Fix "send message" is not an button in tools>mass messaging
Improvement Usability improvements on the change cover options.
Bug Fix Uploading photos and leaving album name empty results in error.
Bug Fix 'Change cover' button on top of ajax popups.
Bug Fix 'Change Cover' button should be renamed + styling.
Bug Fix User is redirected to front-page after changing group's avatar
Bug Fix Fatal error in backend, after commenting photo on frontend
Bug Fix Not consistent search form for view events and view groups
Bug Fix Report buttons are messed up on joomla 2.5
Bug Fix Activities search box should search activity content
Bug Fix Filter word is remembered across different pages
Bug Fix dashbord stats issues
Bug Fix arrows on dashboard calendar not showing on joomla 2.5
Bug Fix actor tag showing on recent posts
Bug Fix same country shows up twice on list of countries
Bug Fix empty city filed should not be shown on dashbord
Bug Fix Avg age doesn't seem right
Bug Fix Category is missing on some of the videos
Bug Fix JomSocial dashboard page goes blank after upgrade from 3.0 to 3.1
Bug Fix deleted events still show on list of events on backend
Bug Fix missing variables on mail queue
Bug Fix drop down and multi select issues on profile edit on admin on joomla 2.5
Bug Fix Pending reports alerts takes to empty page
Bug Fix Ordering buttons missalignment on customize profile - joomla 2.5
Bug Fix All profile info gets deleted if the watermark file is wrong size
Bug Fix Error when trying to access photos settings on Joomla 2.5
Bug Fix Average Age in Dashboard
Improvement The 'dropdown' arrow button is missing
Bug Fix Empty "Type" paramater value in costumize my profie
Bug Fix Reports unpublish button should change to "publish" after clicking it
Bug Fix Won't let me change my gender to female
Bug Fix Issues with recent posts and commnets
Bug Fix Weird layout after ignoring a report
Bug Fix Open graph - won't let me use the avatar when sharing
Bug Fix multi profile documentation video goes to S3 video doc not to multiprofile doc video
Improvement Change the old thumb in edit multi profile
Bug Fix FB connect and module video conflict in home page
Bug Fix Unable to upload .png and/or .gif
Bug Fix JomSocial > Group > View Group > New = there's a typo.
Bug Fix JomSocial > Monitor > Members > Any member > Save button does not work.
Bug Fix IE10 styling issues with user manager
Bug Fix JS-71 : JomSocial > Monitor > Members > Export To CSV exports ALL USERS
Bug Fix click "Save" template doesnt show the saving process/result
Bug Fix Edit template file not styled yet
Bug Fix JS-937 Thumbnail on Event's module is cannot be clicked.
Bug Fix datepicker is not working in edit profile backend
Bug Fix JS-14 Creating Group from the backend gave out an error.
Bug Fix Maps title in video not styled yet
Bug Fix Maps title in album not styled yet
Bug Fix JS-1660 until JS-1678 "New cPanel > Configuration > Privacy > Default User Privacy" does not work.
Bug Fix Tooltips appear behind the switcher ON/OFF
Bug Fix Warning JUser: :_load: Unable to load user with ID: 882
Bug Fix Blank Slate for JomSocial Panel
Bug Fix Privacy in back-end doest work at all
Bug Fix Filesize of photos in back-end not always shows correct file size.
Bug Fix Group File Upload Limit option is not0 working properly for discussion
Bug Fix Group Photo Upload Limit option is not working properly
Bug Fix "Moderate Group Creation" function from backend is not
Bug Fix Adding application from "customize my page" is missing add button
Bug Fix The fixed date format for stream not respect the date format configuration
Bug Fix Editing photos issues
Bug Fix I delete photos on front end, but they still show on "all photos" on backend
Bug Fix Buttons not styled on create new group modal window
Bug Fix upload video popup layout broken
Bug Fix Open link in new tab. option is not working
Bug Fix JS-1656 IE : Group : Discussion : Upload file
Bug Fix IE9 : Photo upload > exceed max limit > No error message shown.
Bug Fix default bug gainst reported profile is not executed
Bug Fix IE9 > cPanel > Upload Photo's button is not styled accordingly.
Bug Fix User can change profile information event "Lock Profile" set to Yes
Bug Fix "Applications" menu is missing from sidebar in back-end
Bug Fix JS-202:Verify admin can disable walls editing
Bug Fix JS-92/ JS-1600 : [New cPanel] Configuration > Site > Execute default bug does not work.
Bug Fix Popup action for report members doesnt show correctly
Bug Fix The "Enable Multiple Profiles" option doesn't work properly
Bug Fix The "Allow Guests to Perform Advanced Search" doesn't work properly
Bug Fix The "Allow Guests to Report" option doesn't work
Bug Fix Should have pagination option for Most Recent Comments in the dashboard
Bug Fix The "Comments" tab under "Most Recent" section in dashboard should display comments in latest order
Bug Fix The Size tab under "Data Statistic" doesn't work
Bug Fix JS-41 : Template's indicator is missing.
Bug Fix Geocode was not successful for the following reason: ZERO_RESULTS error on dashboard
Bug Fix Multiple Profiles > New, tool tip are shown not correctly
Bug Fix Custom Profile, tool tip are not appearing on mouse hover
Bug Fix No Applications menu on new Jomsocial backend
Bug Fix Choose Points Access just show one row
Bug Fix Tooltips in new multi profile form get cutted
Bug Fix Empty space on add new custom profile
Bug Fix Geo code alert
Bug Fix JS-1860 - Latest comments not shown in 'Most Recent' / Comments tab in Dashboard
Bug Fix Remove all sub menus
Bug Fix Wrong Filesize in backend in Photos Table.
Bug Fix 'Photos' page title in backend is 'Videos'
Improvement Add a [x] next to search field to clear the field and display all Events
Bug Fix No notice if no results found in backend Events search.
Bug Fix 'Invited Guest' and 'Confirmed Guest' should be 'Invited Guests' and 'Confirmed Guests'.
Bug Fix 'Group Name3' in the backend group creation view.
Bug Fix Change: 'New' button to say: 'Create New Group' or 'New Group'.
Bug Fix Adding image on mobile doesn't work well
Bug Fix Menu should show 'Groups' not 'Group.
Bug Fix Karma configuration is on two locations
Bug Fix Rename messages to Email Messages and Posts to Activities
Bug Fix Creating the custom profile field is a mess
Bug Fix both recent posts and comments are empty when upgrading from previous versions
Bug Fix Editing video buttons not styled
Bug Fix Video should be centered in modal
Bug Fix amount drop down on tables couses a blank table sometimes...
Bug Fix add photos manager
Bug Fix Documentation Links for Monitor, Configuration and Profiles page
Bug Fix Add content to new event calendar
Improvement all lists are missing a drop down to choose how many items t show
Bug Fix Use new logo
Bug Fix cpanel news feeds issues
Bug Fix Edit events and groups modal window buttons not styled
Bug Fix add avg age to demographics
Bug Fix add status column on activities
Bug Fix place settings inside a nice box
Bug Fix profile type selection design issues
Bug Fix Improve tabs on multip profile
Bug Fix a few more changes to events manager on admin
Bug Fix a few more changes on groups manager on admin
Bug Fix video page issues
Bug Fix mail queue comment on top should be in a div
Bug Fix remove the word "Search" next to search boxes in all pages that have search
Bug Fix Change wording on User Points configuration (Popup)
Bug Fix Change wording on User Points configuration (Main Screen)
Bug Fix stats boxes are merged on firefox
Bug Fix consistent buttons throughout the admin
Bug Fix create tiny URLs to link to wiki pages on all backend pages
Bug Fix Alerts on new cpanel
Bug Fix new cpanel issues
Bug Fix JS-1449 : Browser title and Meta tag on menu item configuration not respected on Jomsocial pages
Bug Fix Select photo from hard disk requires double click in IE
Bug Fix update plugin should link to new installer
Bug Fix No upgrade alert
Bug Fix Photos are treated not as individual
Bug Fix Wrong calculation of cWindow
Bug Fix Buttons missing blue style
Bug Fix Problem with modal windows on yootheme
Bug Fix JS-1536 & JS-1537 : Can not remove photos on Safari and iphone


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