Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.



Improvement Datepicker updates

  • Add missing datepicker images
  • Add datepicker on date fields in profile

Improvement Likes and cover uploads user points

  • Add user points for like and cover upload activities

Improvement Stabilize activity stream elements

  • Force more button to always show
  • Use correct ID's on friends related streams - Show correct activities
  • Fix the "X new messages" issue on friends related activities


Bug Fix SQL Injection for files queries.

Bug Fix SQL Injection for model activities.


Bug Fix Show default cover image for profile if cover is deleted.

Bug Fix Registered user cant delete avatar and cover.

Bug Fix Minor design issues on Profile Type selection page.

Bug Fix Avatar might not be processed if using ImageMagick


Bug Fix Edit and delete album options should be available on album details page.

Bug Fix Change the "profile's cover" to "username's cover" album name and set permission to "Only Me".

Bug Fix Cant edit comments on albums.


Bug Fix LiveLeak videos won't play on iOS devices.

Bug Fix Uploaded files get converted to flv instead of mp4 format.

Improvement Improvethe thumbnail quality of videos linked from YouTube.

Bug Fix Video sorting in categories is pointing to "All videos" page.

Bug Fix Cant edit comments on video.


Bug Fix Hide events box in group view if group events are disabled.

Improvement Allow admins to join groups.

Bug Fix Allow photos upload, videos linking and events sharing from groups stream.

Bug Fix Activity stream wont show for the members that have invited in private group.


Bug Fix Creating an event from stream does not show proper date.

Bug Fix Private Events don't allow its owner to post messages in activity stream.

Modules and Applications

Bug Fix Community Members Module doesn't display members when click on filter options.

Improvement Impliment grid system for modules.

Bug Fix Repeat Avatar setting on Community - Latest Discussion is not working.

Improvement Sync options in Photocomments and Videocomments modules to be the same.

Bug Fix Notifications in Hello Me module are not working.

Bug Fix Remove the log plugin related code from cron job library.

Improvement Improve redirect plugin and allow redirect to same page.

Bug Fix Support multilingual translation for applications


Bug Fix No popup message error if Terms and Conditions are unchecked during signup.

Activity Stream

Bug Fix Guests in activity stream should not link to profile page (jReviews suggestion).

Bug Fix Cover activities not working after site is moved from one server to another.

Bug Fix Posting status with URL starting with http:// will not work

Bug Fix Update cover activity stream is broken if cover is deleted.

Messaging & Notifications

Bug Fix Not recieving like notifications when liking cover upload activity.


Bug Fix Member list shows deleted users.

Bug Fix Member list always sorted in alphabetical order.

Improvement Improve database queries for faster search results.


Improvement Revert sendEmailsOnPageLoad method from private back to public.

Improvement Add CPhotosHelper.

Improvement Check if CImageHelper is open correctly before processing.

Facebook Connect

Improvement Optimize Facebook libraries to prevent possible conflicts.


Bug Fix Remove line-height icon, follow the template line-height.

Bug Fix ejlxm_side_top and ejlxm_events_side_top module positions are not on correct place


Bug Fix Load S3 library if S3 class is not already loaded.

Bug Fix Check for the latest version doesn't work.

Bug Fix Active submenu highlight not working on Joomla! 3.

Improvement Support translation for country list.

Improvement OpenGraph improvents for frontpage, profile, videos, photos, groups and events pages.

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