Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.



New Feature Support for Joomla 3

New Feature Responsive design and mobile phone compatibility

New Feature Twitter Bootstrap support

New Feature Cover images on profiles, groups and events

New Feature Default covers are based on genders

New Feature New avatars

New Feature Profile avatars are based on genders

New Feature Activity stream items for likes

New Feature New aggregated activity style (User and x others...)

New Feature Ability to edit the comment on stream

New Feature New, responsive toolbar

New Feature Support Twitter API v1.1 for twitter applications

New Feature Introducing the brand new JomSocial Default Template, with two color variations, light and dark

Improvement Optimized avatar cropping feature

Improvement Popup window optimization to fit displayed content with minimum scrolling (only when really needed)

New Feature Consistent popup windows styling

Improvement Frontpage layout completely modular


Bug Fix Do not set profile page title to "Home"

Bug Fix "Preferences" menu should not link to "Options" menu

Bug Fix "Share" option should not be shown if sharing is disabled

Bug Fix Empty notice box on failed registration

Bug Fix Remove hardcoded language strings from "Preferences" page

Improvement New Karma icons

Bug Fix Activation link in HTML emails is not clickable

Bug Fix Activation emails shouldnt be sent without token in the link

Improvement Remove About Me from sidebar and merge it with profile cover

Bug Fix Disable profile likes if user dont want his profile to be liked

Bug Fix Report User button should be available on profile cover

Bug Fix Cannot block user if not friends

Custom Profile Fields:

Improvement Remove empty tooltips from the fields on frontend

New Feature Ability to select date format in date field

Improvement Cloaking is removed from email field

Bug Fix Fields should not be set to "Admin only" by default

Bug Fix Radio buttons and checkboxes can't accep "&" sign in options

Bug Fix Allow apostrophes in custom profile fields

New Feature Do not show empty fields

Bug Fix Not required fields can stop registration

Multi Profiles:

Bug Fix Cant add watermark for multi profile

Bug Fix Wrong error message when creating new multi profile with watermark

Bug Fix Restrict watermark to maximum 16px X 16px size

Friends System:

Bug Fix Friend search breaks the layout

Improvement Invite friends improvements in all areas

Bug Fix Unexpected token when accepting friend request

Private Messaging:

Improvement Optimize the layout of the inbox

Improvement Improve the popup windows of the entire private messaging system


Bug Fix Only registered users should be able to start new discussions

Bug Fix Lapsed time settings on group activity dont display time

Bug Fix Ensure uploading videos in group is possible

Bug Fix Group Photos links should not point to users photos

Bug Fix Group Albums links should not point to users albums

Bug Fix Group Events links should not point to users events

Bug Fix Group Videos links should not point to users videos

Bug Fix Show the proper count of group albums

Bug Fix Remove hardcoded language strings on Members page

Bug Fix If group is assigned to be private from backend, frontend users can't see activity stream

Bug Fix Removing featured group always remove 1st group from the list

Bug Fix Editing the group description should show the old description in editor

Improvement Hide the "Remove associated activities" on group creation/edit page

Bug Fix Check for the group membership and display proper options set to user

Bug Fix Add the tags on the group member list to show the group admins

Bug Fix Removing member from a group should show some notice message

Bug Fix Approving members to join group should show confirmation message

Bug Fix Style the "Discussion has been locked" message

Bug Fix Announcement and Discussions missing their respective titles

Bug Fix Report group button should be available on group cover

Bug Fix Private group Announcement link not accessable by community administrator

Improvement Merge group details with description

Bug Fix Post an announcement link not working

Bug Fix After leaving group, user can't be re-invited

Bug Fix Missing leave group link


Bug Fix Button styling on all events-related pages

Bug Fix Opening the event invite notification throws an error

Bug Fix Huge gap between "Invite Friends" and "Confirmed Guests" boxes

Bug Fix Featured event box should not open new window when featured event is clicked

Bug Fix Remove undefined variables on event pages

Improvement Featured event slider navigation option improvements

Bug Fix Process the start-end times properly durin new event creation

Improvement Simplify event RSVP system, merge with Event Cover

Improvement Merge events option in event cover

Improvement Display event search result on top of search fields

Bug Fix Merge event details with description

Bug Fix Events waiting for moderation have wrong status

Plugins and Modules:

New Feature Set default position, name and suffix values for each auto-installed module

Bug Fix Twitter plugin missing settings icon

Bug Fix Update all plugins to Joomla 3 code standards

Bug Fix My Article plugin should not break the profile layout

Bug Fix Collapsing the application on profile page causes application to completely disappear

Removed Remove unused Log plugin

Bug Fix Style the Latest Photos app properly

Removed Remove mod_latestevents

Removed Remove mod_latestmembers

Removed Remove mod_onlineusers

Removed Remove "Show Activity Content" option in mod_activitystream

Improvement Can't reach own profile page from HelloMe module

Improvement Backend options for plg_events should not use multiple-list

Activity Stream and Notifications:

New Feature User should be able to delete activities posted by other users on their own profile

New Feature Suport plural and singular activity stream likes

New Feature Disable certain activity streams by disabling user points for carried activity

New Feature Display a hero image in multiple photo upload streams

Bug Fix Tidy up the group related email notifications

Bug Fix Posting more then one dot in activity stream converts it into hyperlink

Bug Fix Fix for photo uploads from stream causing the activity to break if no album is specified

Bug Fix Featuring the group should show the avatar of the group

Bug Fix Comments on old photos should not show up as comments on photos uploaded via ShareBox

Bug Fix Status posts are not linked to the owner

Bug Fix Grammar corrections at the stream items related to photos and albums

Bug Fix "Unsubscribe" links in emails point to wrong location

Bug Fix Allow comments on the featured user stream

Bug Fix Fixed the language string problems with lapsed time

Improvement Text changes on ShareBox

Bug Fix Video Tooltip not changed if changing video in ShareBox

Bug Fix Optimize the video thumbnail for display in activity stream

Bug Fix Show all comments on shared photo should open only comments of the respective photo

Bug Fix Align all activities to the left

Bug Fix Bring back the "Custom" tab in ShareBox on Joomla 3

Bug Fix Error messages in ShareBox fade out to fast

Bug Fix Disabled users shouldnt be shown in custom activity "Registered users for current month"

New Feature Aggregated activity for group join action (User and x others...)

Improvement Reduce the size of thumbnail when displaying featured video in stream

Bug Fix Some notifications are still sent even if user disables them

New Feature Create activity stream item on cover change

Backend and Installer:

New Feature Automatically install all plugins and modules on JomSocial installation

Bug Fix Installation hangs when Joomla debug mode is enabled

Improvement Rearange and rewrite all tooltips

Bug Fix Top checkbox on lists in Joomla 3 should mark "all" items on the list

Bug Fix Link to "Subscribe to newsletter" at the end of installation does not work

Removed Remove the unused Layout options in backend and move them into modules

Bug Fix Mass messaging in backend should not send messages to disabled users

Bug Fix Link the "Help" icon in control panel to documentation Wiki

Bug Fix Doubled menu when upgrading from

Improvement Add tabs navigation in configuration page

Improvement JomSocial User manager is not properly styled


Bug Fix Minor CSS issues with photo tagging feature on some templates

Improvement Improve the photo upload window

Improvement Fixes for photo upload in Internet Explorer 9 and 10

Bug Fix Photo gallery does not show images in Internet Explorer 10

Bug Fix Deleting the photo from album breaks the page layout

Bug Fix Navigation arrows in feature photos box not working

Bug Fix Fix the gap between names in tagged users list

Bug FixAlbum location link is not working

Bug Fix Users can report own photo

Improvement Sort albums based on the date of last update

Improvement No indication when someone is tagged in the photo

Bug Fix Deleting the image from album should not delete entire stream for the photo upload action in that album

Improvement Improve the layout of legacy uploader

Improvement Optimizations in the tagging system


Bug Fix Fix the video category filter

Bug Fix Profile video is to wide

Removed Does not using thumbnail when linking one of manually uploaded videos

Bug Fix Do not allow Videos with privacy other than "Public" to be featured

Bug Fix Description box is invisible when adding new video

Bug Fix Map is not hidden when clicking on location link

Improvement Convert uploaded videos into mobile-compatible format, mp4

Improvement Update ZenCoder integration to process mobile-compatible videos

Improvement Update FlowPlayer to add support for mobile phones

Bug Fix Unsafe javascript attempt to access frame of video player

Bug Fix Audio of shared video from YouTube never stops playing in Internet Explorer 9


Bug Fix Fix the fielter on "All members" page

Bug Fix Searchable textboxes add "=" sign at the end of the URL

Bug Fix Bring back the "contains" option in advanced search

Bug Fix Advanced search doesnt work with Birthdate criteria


Improvement Inherit H tag styles from Joomla template

Bug Fix Tweak the control panel to better suit the Joomla 3 style

Bug Fix ejlxm_side_bottom and ejlxm_side_groups_bottom were not been available on group page

Removed Do not capitalize texts via CSS. If theres a need for that, do it in language file

Removed Remove unused template configuration and move it to modules

Bug Fix Tweaks for compatibility issues with various third-party template providers

Bug Fix Template settings can't be saved

Improvement Update My Applications area to follow new profile layout

New Feature New Front Page for guests

New Feature New module position, ejlxm_side_frontpage


Bug Fix OnAfterProfileUpdate and OnUserDetailsUpdate should not be triggered at the same time

New Feature Added onProfileFieldLoad event in API

Facebook Connect

New Feature Provide support for SourceCoast JFBC

Bug Fix Warning in HelloMe module "FB.init has already been called"

Bug Fix Properly import profile on first login


New Feature Use Helpblock instead of tooltip for optimum mobile compatibility


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