Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.



  • Clean up the friend's listing inside the Friend's popup window
  • Fix position of friend list item inside a popup window
  • Applied a much more consistent "Load More" button in popup window


  • Fix the missing "More" button in group's stream

Core & Registration

  • Fix the default avatar issue with JSPT
  • Fix the user point's rules for wall posts
  • Fix the missing token issue in activation email
  • Fix the missing multiprofile selection if none of the custom fields are set to be shown on registration


  • Fix the issue where the missing itemid in photos are shown at the stream
  • Fix user points when changing profile avatar from modal window


  • Fix the issue where sorting discussion to "Most-Discussed" leads to 'database error 1064'


  • Fix the "Me & Friends" sorting option on the frontpage stream

Application & Modules

  • Fix the missing thumbnail when sharing video to Facebook
  • Fix the issue with photo snippet; most popular photo snippet shows the photos horizontally instead of vertically


  • Fix the multiprofile watermark preview
  • Fix the wrong navigation in multiprofiles
  • Installations should not fail on sites with SSL
  • Minor styling correction in custom profile fields
  • Fix the issues where options are not being marked as green when system requirements are met
  • Fix issue with adding big watermark redirecting to new profile type creation
  • Renamed 'Buletin' to 'Announcement'
  • After saving custom field, backend will refresh and apply the changes
  • Fix the wrong title issue for unpublishing the video
  • Fix the wrong title for issue unpublishing the photo


  • Fix the change event avatar issue
  • Fix the issue where event time resets during event edit
  • Fix the minor layout glitch at invite friend's popup window
  • Fix the wrong on-going tag in event list
  • Fix the issue where advanced search in events do not work working when only keywords are used


  • Allow description in parameters title
  • Removed extra div in group search


  • Fix the pagination styling
  • Fix translation for reporting labels
  • Fix developer view for dev version
  • Should check user points group / profile post

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