byestacey2009, February 22, 2013
While I was initially impressed with how this 'addon' works with Jomsocial. I ran into a problem - it seems the Built-in Jomsocial Gallery, and all of it's features, must be disconnected - the two cannot live together.
Trying to upload a photo from the Jomsocial front-end results in the photo not showing up in any album. Gone also it the ability to Google Map any photo.. And use of the Latest Photos on the main page of Jomsocial. it remains blank.

I was disappointed to learn this after purchasing use of the common core and pro add-on (expensive by standards) - as the advertisements do not reflect 'any' disconnections required.
Owner's reply

You may be happy to know that SIMGallery is now able to function as a completely separate gallery from JomSocial's gallery. This is configurable of course, in case users wish to replace JomSocial's gallery with SIMGallery.

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