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Its working nearly perfect. Only the fix "margin-left" of the templates have to be corrected. The rest is great. Thanks!
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You can create, edit, alter patterns as you want. To do this, I also did a templating system, to be a personal appearance to change the form template, but without touching the code.


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Working ok, not perfect
It is working ok but not perfect, don't know if it is a JomSocial fault or not. Events that already took place are still published in this module, there should be an option on how long it must show the event after the start-/end- date.

Option to use picture is not working for me, if you don't use the picture you have to change the margin on the left side manually in the css.

No english help - no updates in 2 years
Developers site is lacking in docs, support and english translations.
Can't tell if this is a standalone product, or if it needs another Calendar to support it's free features. Typical Joomla issues.

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