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Good product - Product support and purchasing very slow
A good product that increases the chance of profiling, unfortunately the service is very slow, even with regard to problems on purchases of products.

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Great component
I am using this component together with Jomsocial and AEC and it just works great. Every user is redirected during registration to choose his profile type which is connected to a AEC-plan and a whole bunch of access-settings.
Installation and setting up of this component is very easy and smooth. I did not need any support so far. If you want to have multiple profile types with different profiles/data published in profile, different access levels to apps and stuf, this component will suite your needs best. Additionally you can sue the AEC integration to set up payment plans for every profile type.

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Truly Admirable!
I believe that this component is essential for people like me wants to create a community where users are of different types and with different access rights.
Development and updates are also frequent and support always ready and alert to respond to everyone. Truly admirable!

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Invaluable extension to JomSocial
This extension makes my JomSocial site so much more compelling, providing exactly the functionality I needed to offer a unique user experience for each of my different segments of users, within the same site. I have a huge wish-list of thing I hope they add to it, but for now it's worth every penny as it is.

Best commercial extension for JomSocial by far!

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Great Extension
This is great Extension really worth the money.
Lots off upgrades and good support. Even needing the support very often, because of continuous installation problems the support is always there and I happily recommend this extension!

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JSPT a Great Component
I like this Great Extension and the fast Support very much. Thanks for your work :-) I hope we get more from you!!!

JS Profile Type v5.0.0 not compatible with Jomsocial 4.5 and after

Technical support promises for months a version compatible with Jomsocial 4.5 (and after). But at the moment, no one answers the messages. They released a version 5 (JS Profile Type v5.0.0) but it was mainly to continue to sell their product that is not updated at all.

Amazing component
Just amazing component - working super good - fixed a lot of hear tuch - not 5 but 10.
Remain to test they support - if the support is also fine - guys worth they money..


Great Extension!
This extension is a huge time saver for anyone who wants to have multiple profile types and not have to edit each user so they get the correct access. I have 4 different profile types and this extension allows for each profile type to be registered according to the specifics I have set in the backend with an easy approval link sent via email for admin.

Support is very helpful and they always reply within a day. Very reasonably price, I definitely recommend it.

Excellent Component, nothing comes close
I have been using Jomsocial Profile types since beta and its keeps getting better and better. For the site i am running I have over 20 different profile types and each type needs to have different profile fields...this was a blessing when i found it.

On top of that, prices are very very reasonable and support is great!

Trustable stable software
Chief developer of Jspt is a very fast ,young good talented programmer and i like his ideas, innovations and friendliness.there are alot to see and say about their works.its working painless on my site and i can do alot.options are endless and its a big component actually.

Excellent Support
The team at JoomlaXi are very responsive and care about their products. They are innovative and solve requirements quickly. JomSocial Profile types is a required add on for a well rounded community site.

One of the best JS addon
I think that JSPT and other extensions from JoomlaXI is the best JS addon that's actually on the market. Whit JSPT i have made an italian cooking community which growing day by day. The team on JoomlaXI is always ready for update JSPT and give an excellent support.
Thanks JoomlaXI

JomSocial Profile Types and AEC
I'm using JomSocial & AEC for a paid membership community website , and JomSocial Profile Types is THE addon I needed.

What I like :
- a incredibly good and fast support (they even debug AEC for me !!)
- facebook connect now perfectly works (with AEC too !)
- it assigns default avatar for different profile types , great !!
- with the access rules features of JSPT , i can setup who is allowed to create a group, who can't upload videos, etc
- fair price !

I wish all the best to joomlaxi team !

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